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The flash activity of one plus 12 Pop-up is coming, and ten cities are very popular.

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On December 9, the one plus 12 Pop-up flash drive was launched in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other ten cities, where people gathered for refueling and bought one plus 12 first. As a work surpassed by one plus 10 years, one plus 12 has a class eye protection solution and a 2K Oriental screen with the industry's first 4500nit peak brightness, a "new generation super-light shadow imaging system" fully equipped with Find imaging team, and the third generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform + LPDDR5X+UFS 4.0 top combination with record-setting performance. the product power surpasses all Snapdragon 8Gen3 flagship Pro versions, and has been well received as soon as it is released. And dominate many best-selling lists on the platforms of Tmall and

Li Jie, president of one plus China, showed up at the Shenzhen Pop-up event to communicate face-to-face with refueling, which pushed the atmosphere of the event to the best part.

Since 2015, Pop-up flash activities have become a bridge for close communication between OnePlus and refueling, as well as a part of Yijia brand culture. The scale of the one plus 12 Pop-up flash flash campaign is unprecedented, with more than 10, 000 users participating, the atmosphere at the scene is warm, and people enthusiastically discuss and experience the innovative functions of one plus 12, fully demonstrating their support for the one plus brand and one plus 12.

(site of Pop-up event in Shenzhen)

(Beijing venue Pop-up event site)

(Shijiazhuang Pop-up event site)

(Guangzhou Pop-up event site)

In terms of performance, one plus 12 carries the strongest flagship hardware combination of the third generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform + LPDDR5X memory + UFS 4.0 flash memory, and has a super memory combination of the highest 24GB+1TB to explore the performance limits of Android.

In terms of imaging, one plus 12 is fully equipped with the "new generation supershadow imaging system", created by the Find imaging team, and equipped with Sony Light metaphor LYT-808 flagship sensor, 64 million supershadow telephoto and Sony IMX581 flagship ultra wide angle, together with the algorithm adjustment of "superlight shadow engine" and the exclusive self-developed "superlight shadow ProXDR" display technology to create new imaging peaks.

In terms of screen, the one plus 12 starter is equipped with a 2K oriental screen jointly developed by Canada and BOE, which will peak in display, eye protection and fluency. One plus 12 also launched the first-class omni-directional eye protection program "bright eyes protection", which achieved grade eye protection on the mobile phone screen for the first time, and obtained the highest level of intelligent eye care 3.0 certification of Rhine and the authoritative certification of the National Ophthalmology diagnosis and treatment Engineering Technology Research Center.

One plus 12 also has the king combination of 5400mAh+100W flash charge + 50W wireless, bionic vibration motor Turbo, which once again leads the industry for one year, super signal engineering with full coverage of top communication experience, and other user concerns such as Rain Water touch, infrared, NFC, dual speakers and other user concerns are all in place, not forgetting every detail experience.

The power of the product is close, and the price will be more extreme as soon as it is added. The price is close, one plus product power must be more ahead. The first sale of one plus 12 will be officially opened at 10:00 on December 11 in OPPO Mall,, Tmall, pinduoduo and other full channels. The price of 12GB+256GB version is 4299 yuan, 16GB+512GB version is 4799 yuan, 16GB+1TB version is 5299 yuan, and 24GB+1TB version is 5799 yuan.

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