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The world's first liquid oxygen methane rocket back into orbit! Blue Arrow Aerospace Vermilion Bird II sets a new domestic commercial aerospace record!

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Shulou( Report--

07:39 on December 9, 2023, Beijing time, the Blue Arrow Space Vermilion Bird-2 Yao-3 carrier rocket was launched from China's Jiuquan Satellite launch Center, and the swan satellite, Tianyi 33 satellite and Hongyi-2 satellite were successfully put into orbit, and the launch mission was a complete success.

It is reported that this is the third launch of Vermilion Bird II rocket and the second consecutive successful launch after it became the world's first liquid oxygen methane rocket into orbit. Blue Arrow Aerospace successfully realized the task of "one arrow Samsung" and became the first enterprise in domestic civil and commercial aerospace to rely on independently developed liquid oxygen and methane engines to achieve continuous and successful launch of liquid rockets. it represents that Blue Arrow Aerospace has made steady progress in the building of commercial operation capacity, opening a new stage of large-scale commercial launch of liquid rockets.

According to official sources, Vermilion Bird II is China's first liquid oxygen methane medium liquid rocket with independent intellectual property rights in Blue Arrow Aerospace, which can meet the needs of commercial launch in multiple scenarios. The total length of the arrow is 49.5m, the diameter of the arrow is 3.35m, the take-off mass is 220t and the take-off thrust is 268t. The first stage of the rocket is composed of four magpie 80-ton liquid oxygen methane engines in parallel, and the second stage is composed of a Taiwan magpie 80-ton liquid oxygen methane engine and a Taiwan magpie 10-ton swimming liquid oxygen methane engine. The carrying capacity of 500km sun synchronous orbit is 1.5t, and the subsequent improved model can reach 4t of 500km sun synchronous orbit, which can meet the needs of low earth orbit satellite deployment and spacecraft launch.

The future era of "large capacity and low cost" of commercial aerospace requires low-cost, large-scale manufacturing and delivery of rockets, and continuous and stable launch success. Blue Arrow Aerospace self-built engine production and test base, rocket manufacturing base and liquid oxygen methane rocket launch site, it can be said that the delivery capacity of large-scale commercial launch has been fully formed.

Half a year ago, on July 12, 2023, the Vermilion Bird-2 remote-2 rocket was successfully launched from the Jiuquan Satellite launch Center, filling the gap in the technical route of China's liquid oxygen-methane rocket. Blue Arrow Aerospace has fully verified the performance and reliability of Vermilion Bird-2 with three test arrows, which makes us look forward to the reusable liquid oxygen-methane carrier rocket Vermilion Bird-3.

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