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CAMM2 is certified by JEDEC and will replace SO-DIMM as the new memory standard for notebook computers.

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Shulou( Report-- December 11 news, the new notebook memory standard CAMM has officially become the JEDEC (solid State Technology Association) standard, now officially named CAMM2, indicating that it will replace the SO-DIMM standard that has been used for more than 20 years. noted that CAMM2 was first introduced by Dell and applied to Precision 7670 notebook computers. The biggest advantage of CAMM2 over SO-DIMM is its thinner shape. According to Dell, CAMM2 is 57% thinner than SO-DIMM. In addition, CAMM2 can also break the limit of DDR5 SO-DIMM memory 6400MHz and "scale to higher clock speed".

However, CAMM2 was originally Dell's patented technology, which makes it far less convenient to upgrade than SO-DIMM, because Dell is the only company that produces CAMM2 memory, while SO-DIMM memory can be purchased from many companies. CAMM2 solves this problem through standardization by JEDEC, the organization that formulates memory specifications such as GDDR6, HBM3, and DDR5.

The CAMM2 standard includes two versions: one for DDR5 and the other for LPDDR5 (X). It is worth noting that CAMM2 will make non-soldered LPDDR5 (X) memory possible and may reduce the use of welded DDR5 memory. However, the two versions have different pin arrangements, so one version cannot be used on a motherboard made for the other type of RAM.

Another benefit of CAMM2 is that multiple memory modules are no longer required to activate dual-channel memory. A single CAMM2 module can be designed to have two memory channels, providing more memory bandwidth for CPU and integrated graphics cards, thereby improving performance. SO-DIMM memory can only have one channel on each memory stick. However, according to sources, the single memory channel CAMM2 module will also be launched.

Although CAMM2 will certainly be much more expensive than SO-DIMM because it has just been released, it is bound to become the new standard for laptops and other mobile devices. It may take some time for SO-DIMM to be phased out, and it can be expected that the lifecycles of the two standards will overlap to a large extent.

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