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Dennis Villenueva: the screenplay of "Sand Dunes 3" is nearing completion, which will be the final chapter of the series.

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Shulou( Report--, December 11-the movie "Sand Dunes 2 (Dune: Part Two)" will be released in North America on March 1, 2024, and director Dennis Villeneueva assured fans at a recent news conference in South Korea that it was worth the wait.

In addition, Villenueva revealed that he is nearing completion of the script for the Dune 3 film. "it's being written now," Villeneueva affirmed. "the script is almost finished, but it hasn't been finished yet. It will take some time."

Villenueva is careful not to reveal too many details, but he says the third film will be about the protagonist Paul Etrudi's "the end of the Journey." found that Villeneueva first expressed interest in expanding the two Sand Dunes film series into a trilogy in an interview with Empire magazine in August 2023: "if I succeed in making a trilogy, it will be my dream. What I want to say is that (the third film) is already written on paper."

The first film "Sand Dune" was released simultaneously in mainland China and North America on October 22, 2021. The movie "Sand Dunes 2" was originally scheduled for release on November 3 this year, but was postponed to March next year because of a screen Actors Guild strike.

The Dune series is based on Frank Herbert's science fiction novel Dunes of the same name, starring Timothy Charamay, Zandaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Javier Baden, Josh Brolin, Strand Scarsgaard, Dave Batista, Charlotte Lamplin, Austin Butler, Christopher Walken, Florence Pew, Reya Seidou and so on.

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