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Pollen at home and abroad gathered at Songshan Lake in Dongguan for the annual meeting of Huawei Pollen in 2023.

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On December 10, the 3-day 2023 Huawei Pollen Annual meeting ended successfully in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. As a large-scale offline meeting between Huawei and fans, the Pollen Annual meeting provides an opportunity for communication between the two, condensing the common memory of Huawei and Pollen, and witnessing the extraordinary journey of the two together. The two get together because of love, and go further because of love.

As the organizer of Huawei Pollen Annual meeting, the Pollen Club has been the main battleground for online and offline communication between Huawei and fans since its establishment in 2012. Feedback and advice, learning and sharing, love and laughter blend here, resulting in the story of Huawei and users, and the warm feelings between Huawei and each other.

Here, every daily item shared by the pollen can be answered to each other, and every question can be answered. Although they have not met, they have become close friends because of love, and the pollen group that walks into each other's lives shows us another possibility of human-to-human relationship, a possibility that goes beyond the exchange of goods and is reunited purely out of love.

At the 2023 Huawei Pollen Annual meeting, more than 400 domestic and foreign pollen gathered in Songshan Lake to gain a more real and specific understanding of Huawei and its products by visiting the park and communicating face-to-face with the presidents of the top ten product lines. Huawei also gives Huawei a more accurate understanding of the true demands of pollen about products. This exchange not only makes the relationship between Huawei and pollen closer, but also provides new ideas for the development of Huawei products in the new year.

The 100-meter motorcade picked up at the airport, showing the strength of hard core science and technology.

On the day of pollen arrival, 26 smart car version M5 and M7 formed a 100-meter convoy to pick up the pollen and opened the prelude to Huawei's scientific and technological exploration.

The arrangement of the pick-up not only gives Pollen a close feel of the luxury texture and surging power of the car, but also allows the Pollen to actually experience its leading ability of automatic parking and intelligent driving.

The visit to Songshan Lake is like going home to every pollen. Here, the pollen is free to visit the Songshan Lake European-style buildings and take the Songshan Lake train. The pollen talked happily like old friends who had not been seen for a long time, and the pollen could be seen everywhere in the park as a souvenir.

Salon, President of Top Ten products, listening to users face to face

The pollen annual meeting not only demonstrated Huawei's latest hard-core technology, but also demonstrated once again Huawei's determination to be consumer-centric.

In the face-to-face session of bigwigs, Pollen Club has organized 10 product line president / expert salons, including mobile phones, wear, audio, tablet and PC, IoT, smart car, to set up a stage for Huawei experts to communicate with pollen face-to-face. Here, the product line presidents and experts chat with pollen about the stories behind Huawei's technological innovation, showing the process of Huawei's growth with users, and pollen gives positive feedback on its real machine experience. it provides valuable feedback and suggestions for the development direction of Huawei products.

Technological innovation converges with the real experience of pollen, colliding with many new sparks. " Huawei will continue to invest in research and development and innovation, using leading technology in flagship mobile phones to create products with the ultimate experience "," We will, as always, be close to users and committed to creating young people's favorite mobile phones, let nova collect your beauty "," make Huawei stores a benchmark in the consumer electronics retail industry and become consumers' favorite brands. " The short and forceful words of the CEO experts express Huawei's determination to continue to bring better products and services to consumers in the future. This is not only the goal that Huawei has been striving for, but also the strongest commitment to pollen.

The peak ceremony of pollen gathering, intertwined with love and warmth.

Yu Chengdong, chairman of Huawei terminal BG CEO and smart car solution BU, personally attended the event and delivered a keynote speech, announcing the opening of the peak ceremony with pollen as the protagonist. The live program is jointly created by Pollen Club and Pollen, with both adapted and interpreted warm stories between Huawei and Pollen and adapted songs, bringing a unique sense of ritual to the pollen present. Among them, the poem "Ode to Love" jointly performed by six pollen and he Gang, chief operating officer of Huawei terminal BG, evokes the infinite emotion of the pollen at the scene. This co-created work is the epitome of Huawei and users to create a brand, condensing the trust and commitment between each other.

In addition, Huawei presented new creators of the year at the scene, including light and shadow catchers who love photography and use lenses to freeze beautifully, there are also geek pioneers who love digital products and are good at testing and evaluating games, geek pioneers who love painting, inspiration creators who are good at design, energetic people who love sports and health skills, and deep user Zhi Xing players who love to share smart car products that use cars. Pioneer experience officers of the year, they deeply understand the needs of users, turn the product experience into practical suggestions for improvement, and bring brand-new product thinking and cutting-edge technological solutions to the pollen community with professional knowledge and technological innovation; award for influence creator of the year, long-term companionship Award and so on. Behind these awards, it not only shows the pollen's support and love for Huawei, but also contains Huawei's infinite gratitude to the pollen who has been working hand in hand with it.

In order to give pollen a more comprehensive understanding of Huawei's latest products and have more fun and interesting interactive experiences, Pollen Club has also designed a trendy district dedicated to pollen in Sanyapo. The atmosphere at the scene is very hot, and pollen can interact with each other by clocking in. While experiencing the whole wisdom scene of Huawei, they can also win small gifts customized by the Pollen Club.

For example, experience the photography function of Huawei mobile phone in "chasing Light Photo Studio", experience the smooth and smooth painting function of Huawei tablet supported by Starflash technology in "Creator Gallery", and feel the scientific and technological empowerment of Huawei smart wear on sports in "Youth Stadium", and so on. The integration of products, technology and games adds infinite interest to the journey of technological exploration of pollen.

Huawei always adheres to the concept of consumer-centered development, continues to upgrade its technology, and is committed to bringing better products and services to consumers. Looking back on the road of Huawei's canoe crossing ten thousand mountains, it is full of marks of growing up hand in hand with users.

For a long time, the Pollen Club has always been on the road, gathering the power of love. "because of love, so innovation, so subversion, so glow." Huawei will always be full of enthusiasm and sincerity to pursue the light emitted by thousands of pollen because of love. The two meet because of the pursuit of light, bathing the light together.

Although the 2023 Pollen Annual meeting has come to an end, the meeting officially opened a new chapter between Huawei and Pollen. I believe that in the future, this love and warmth will last forever. Huawei and users will join hands to enter a new intelligent era and share a better and wise life.

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