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The country's first 100-meter super high-rise data command center has been completed, integrating big data and artificial intelligence.

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Shulou( Report--, December 11 (Xinhua)-- Shenzhen Qianhai Information Hub Building, the country's first 100-meter super-high-rise data command center, has been officially completed recently, according to Shenzhen Satellite TV Deep TV News. noted that the main tower of the Qianhai information hub building is 112.15 meters high, the standard floor is 5.5m high, the service load on the computer room floor is 12-16kN / m ², and the green construction technology is adopted throughout the life cycle from design to construction.

The project implements the design concept of fully enclosed "incubator", arranges the function of the computer room in the center of the building plane to achieve building energy saving, and a central cooling station is attached to the underground space to improve energy efficiency.

With the data center as the main body, Qianhai Information Hub Building is equipped with 3920 cabinets (1374 in Phase I and 2546 in Phase II), supporting many important functions, such as regional cooling stations, postal branch offices, and Qianhai City Management and Operation Center. after completion, it will integrate new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, block chain and so on.

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