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From mobile office to privacy security, why is OPPO Find N3 popular with business people? The reason is very hard.

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In the second half of 2023, the folding screen mobile phone market ushered in a number of eye-catching new products, now in the annual double 12 promotion, many people may wonder which double 12 folding flagship is the most worthy to buy. With its excellent product power, OPPO Find N3 has a bright performance in the high-end folding screen market, and has been loved by many business people at home and abroad. For those who plan to buy the flagship folding screen, is OPPO Find N3 worth considering?

Large folding also has a light and thin feel, reliable quality will be upgraded

As a horizontal large folding screen phone, weight and feel are one of our major concerns. While having a large screen experience, the OPPO Find N3 has a body weight as light as 239g (plain skin), expands as thin as 5.8mm, and has the same feel as a straight flagship machine.

In determining the folding feel and life of the hinge, OPPO Find N3 upgraded to a new generation of aviation alloy Seiko quasi-vertebral hinges, in the strength further upgrade, but also passed as many as 1 million folding tests, coupled with the outer screen of the super ceramic glass cover, the whole machine life and reliability greatly improved, for all kinds of consumers, business people, such as bring a more comfortable experience.

Give full play to the advantages of large screen and enrich the productivity experience of Find N3

The expanded screen size of the OPPO Find N3 can reach 7.82in, and the larger screen has more visual space, which is very important for business people who often need to view documents and charts. In order to give further play to the advantages of the large screen, the ColorOS system carried by OPPO Find N3 adapts to the large screen in depth from the system interface to the interactive logic.

OPPO Find N3's powerful super-field-of-view panoramic virtual screen function enables the display and operation of three applications in one screen. For example, while communicating with customer Wechat, you can view Excel table and PPT, and the mobile terminal can also work efficiently. If you encounter customers sending Markdown, Pages, CAD and other Apple eco-files, OPPO Find N3 will not be unable to open directly because of format problems. The machine's built-in "open files at will" function can be opened directly from Wechat and can be consulted at any time, greatly improving the information processing efficiency of business people.

The frequency band and signal are both strengthened, so as not to "drop the chain" at critical moments.

You can't get a phone call in an underground parking lot, but you keep turning around when the elevator answers an emergency message? A less-than-smooth signaling experience has always been one of the pain points for business people. In response, OPPO Find N3 innovates the design of 4*4MIMO antennas with dual 5G high-penetration signal bands, which have a wider range of received signals than traditional mobile phones, and can obtain stable signals even in some remote areas.

When users are in weak network environments such as underground parking lots and elevator shafts, OPPO Find N3 can pass intelligent detection, determine the use status of the antenna, dynamically tune the antenna, and make the daily communication experience more smooth, such as successfully completing phone calls, receiving messages, and even watching online videos.

Certification security chip support, VIP mode to create a security ceiling

Considering that people pay more and more attention to information and privacy security, OPPO Find N3 is equipped with a hardware-level national secret II authentication independent security chip, which can independently store biological information, privacy file keys, end-cloud transmission keys and other information. In the face of various applications and web pages that may infringe upon data privacy, OPPO Find N3's protection capability is more reliable.

It is worth mentioning that the OPPO Find N3 collection version also has an exclusive [VIP mode]. When entering an important meeting place or a scene that requires strict secrecy, you only need to push the three-segment button on the side of the phone to activate the [VIP mode] of the Find N3 collection version, thus shielding camera, positioning, recording and other permissions, which is not only safer than the flight mode, but also can communicate with the outside world normally. Will not cause important information to be missed after shutdown.

Three shots of Hasu + high-speed flash charge to create an all-around flagship experience

Flagship products, of course, also need flagship images. OPPO Find N3 is equipped with an advanced superlight shadow folded pixel wide-angle lens to achieve high light input without taking up a lot of volume, together with a periscope telephoto lens and ultra-wide-angle lens, pushing the image shooting capability of folding screen phones to new heights. Whether it's shooting landscapes, portraits or macro details, OPPO Find N3 can produce delicate, textured pictures.

In terms of battery performance, 4805mAh large battery ensures the experience of OPPO Find N3 from morning to night. 67W super flash charge takes only 10 minutes to charge to 35%, greatly reducing users' anxiety about battery life in other places. In addition, the OPPO Find N3 is equipped with three speakers, NFC and infrared remote control, the details are very comprehensive, and there is almost no deficiency in the comprehensive configuration.


OPPO Find N3 integrates many advanced technologies and performs prominently in terms of reliability, signal, security and interactive experience, especially the current only super-vision comprehensive screen system interaction, which greatly improves the efficiency of mobile office and the comprehensive experience is very powerful. If you plan to find a safe and versatile high-end folding screen phone during double Twelve, then OPPO Find N3 can consider it.

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