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Jia Shaoqian, chairman of Hisense, was named "influential Enterprise Leader of the year 2023"

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The 2023 (21st) Annual Meeting of Chinese Enterprise Leaders was held in Beijing from December 9 to 10. Jia Shaoqian, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Hisense Group, together with the heads of 25 enterprises including BYD, China Resources Group, Ningde Times and Baidu, was awarded the title of "2023 Influential Enterprise Leader" and was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the closing ceremony of the annual meeting.

This year marks the 21st time that China Entrepreneur magazine has released its "Influential Business Leaders of the Year"-the list of the 25 most influential entrepreneurs of the year. Jia Shaoqian was awarded the award at this annual meeting of enterprise leaders as follows: he was born and raised "Hisense." At the age of 51, he became the new generation leader of Hisense, injecting new development momentum into this household appliance group with revenue of nearly 200 billion yuan: boosting the second growth curve with technological innovation, driving enterprise evolution with management upgrading, and activating organizational efficiency with internal reform. As a manager, he is gentle and modest; as a reformer, he is firm and persistent, because he always keeps in mind the goal_"Centennial Hisense."

Chairman Jia Shaoqian said in his acceptance speech that everyone is a devotee of the times, a witness of the times and a contributor to the times. Hisense's development in the past 54 years has benefited from China's reform and opening up, market economy and accession to the WTO. It has gradually become an enterprise with global vision and global competitiveness from a small local factory and striding towards globalization. In the future, Hisense will continue to strive to create value for global users with good products and services and jointly write a new chapter in the community of human destiny.

In the award ceremony, Jia Shaoqian also specially mentioned Mr. Zhou Houjian, Lifetime Honorary Chairman of Hisense Group. He recalled that shortly after China's accession to the WTO, there was no concept of "clamping neck," but at that time, Zhou Dong proposed that China produced 70 million TV sets a year, but none of them used Chinese chips. In other words, the "heart" part of TV sets was all imported. Zhou Dong said that China should have its own core technology. Hisense then spent more than four years developing China's first TV chip with independent intellectual property rights. "To express our confidence in technological innovation, we call this chip 'Xinxin'." At present, Hisense is responsible for chip design of this company has applied for listing in Kechuang Board, and obtained the Shanghai Stock Exchange acceptance is under review.

At the closing speech of this annual meeting, Jia Shaoqian delivered a keynote speech entitled "Spring Must Come as promised." He pointed out that for a long time, the teaching of Chinese universities and the training of enterprises have mainly focused on western management. Now, Hisense and other Chinese enterprises have deeply felt in the process of competing with foreign multinational companies, especially in successive successful cross-border mergers and acquisitions and cultural integration that "Chinese-style management" rooted in Chinese traditional culture and with distinct characteristics of eastern civilization is very competitive and combative. Behind this is "Shang He He." The traditional Chinese culture of "seeking harmony" has strong appeal and appeal.

Jia Shaoqian said that Hisense also felt significant differences in management models and cultures between the East and the West in the process of globalization. That is, there are more and more cross-border mergers and acquisitions carried out by Chinese enterprises today. Chinese enterprises are always gentle and friendly to the acquired enterprises, employees and brands. They will make long-term planning and continuously improve the competitiveness and influence of brands, including Anta, a famous domestic enterprise, which has acquired many foreign clothing brands and then let these brands glow for the second time. In contrast, we also reflect that in the past, a series of national enterprises and national brands in China were acquired by foreign capital. Today, many brands have disappeared after acquisition, which makes us regret.

At present, many Chinese enterprises, including Hisense, are constantly declaring to the world with concrete actions that Chinese enterprises are kind, Chinese people are trustworthy, and Chinese management is effective! "Oriental management" is not inferior to western classical management theory. Chinese enterprises should have greater self-confidence when carrying out cross-border mergers and acquisitions and cultural integration.

On the topic of confidence, Jia Shaoqian said that in retrospect over the past 20 years, especially since China's accession to the WTO, China has become a world factory, but China cannot always be a world factory. Chinese enterprises should have the ability and can fully become managers of world factories.

In the keynote speech and award ceremony, Chairman Jia Shaoqian talked about last year's Qatar World Cup. He said that Hisense's "Made in China, Working Together" is to let hundreds of millions of viewers around the world see the power of Made in China and the power of Chinese industry. We believe that many enterprises in China will do better than Hisense in the future, and everyone will be able to create new breakthroughs of more historical significance for Chinese enterprises on the world stage.

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