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Lijian 1 remote three rockets leave the factory, and it is planned to launch "one arrow and five stars" in January next year.

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Shulou( Report--, December 11, China Science and Technology Aerospace officially announced that the Lijian-1 remote three carrier rocket held a ceremony today and plans to carry out a "one arrow and five stars" launch mission at the Jiuquan Satellite launch Center in January next year.

According to reports, the Lijian-1 remote three carrier rocket has completed all the work before it left the factory. After testing, the product function and performance index all meet the requirements of the flight mission, and have successfully passed the factory evaluation.

According to, the "Lijian 1" is the "Zhongke No.1" (ZK-1A) carrier rocket, developed by Beijing Zhongke Aerospace Exploration Technology Co., Ltd., a four-stage solid carrier rocket. It is a helpless configuration in the "Zhongke I" series, derived from the basic "Zhongke I". The rocket has a takeoff weight of 135t and a 700km sun synchronous orbit carrying capacity of 1330kg.

China Science and Technology Aerospace said that it plans to achieve the delivery of six rockets in 2024, continuously improve the rapid response capability of rockets through innovation, support the smooth implementation of major launch missions such as the rapid networking of medium-and low-orbit satellite constellations, and make new contributions to the construction of a space power.

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