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From the ByteHouse gateway, see how to further improve the performance of the OLAP engine.

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With the acceleration of digital transformation, enterprises are facing the challenges of massive data collection, processing and analysis. ClickHouse is widely used by developers because of its fast analysis speed and high performance.

As a bridge between the client and the database, the gateway also plays a key role in performance. A good gateway can not only improve performance and availability, but also provide guarantee for the security and manageability of the system. Although chproxy, the mainstream gateway of ClickHouse, is widely used, it also has some limitations.

As a cloud native data warehouse launched by Volcano engine, ByteHouse not only provides users with extremely fast analysis experience, can support real-time data analysis and massive data offline analysis, but also continuously optimizes ClickHouse performance bottlenecks to achieve greater breakthroughs in query and computing efficiency.

Recently, the volcano engine ByteHouse Enterprise Edition chproxy gateway based on ClickHouse has been upgraded to further release the powerful query capability of the OLAP engine and provide users with the ultimate experience.

First of all, the ByteHouse enterprise gateway is more universal and can adapt to many types of requests, languages and management tools. Secondly, the gateway of ByteHouse Enterprise Edition is more flexible and convenient, it sets up a "through train" between users and the background, so that users can directly operate and get the information they want. Finally, ByteHouse Enterprise Edition supports alarm and monitoring of gateways. In addition, some extended functions not only enhance the query ability of ByteHouse, expand the query scope, and make the switch between ByteHouse Enterprise Edition and ClickHouse more convenient.

So what are the differences between ByteHouse and the mainstream component chproxy?

Comparison of capabilities between ByteHouse Gateway and ClickHouse chproxy

At the functional level, the ByteHouse gateway supports HTTP and TCP protocols, and the distribution mode supports any node, designated node and all nodes, providing more comprehensive gateway capabilities. In terms of performance, especially in bulk data writing scenarios, ByteHouse has a faster performance than chproxy. In terms of user experience, on the one hand, ByteHouse gateway has the advantages of ready-to-use and low switching cost, on the other hand, it also supports direct connection to ClickHouse and monitoring alarm integration.

In the future, volcano engine ByteHouse will also continue to optimize and improve high-performance gateway components to meet the needs of more business scenarios and provide more efficient, flexible and secure data analysis support.

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