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Rongsheng's 40th anniversary food tour exhibition ends, and new consumption brightens the healthy and quality of life.

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Shulou( Report--

On December 9, the Ten cities Tour Exhibition ended perfectly with the conclusion of the "Rong Sheng 40 years to add Gold to time" Food Tour Exhibition "exploring the fresh World" at Shanghai Railway Station. With a variety of delicacies, interesting interaction and heavy welfare, Rongsheng has triggered wave after wave of urban craze, and its brand concept of healthy living has also been praised by the majority of fans.

In July this year, Rongsheng officially opened the "Rong Sheng 40 years to add gold to the time 'explore the fresh world' food tour exhibition" from Shunde, carefully arranged the 40th anniversary + double clean exhibition area, fresh kitchen area, WILL live bazaar three scene exhibition areas, in the form of food and entertainment, to create a vivid atmosphere, to create one place after another city network celebrity clock-in, bringing users an unprecedented immersive experience! At the same time, Rongsheng flat embedded series of new products are also frequently unveiled in the scene, successfully circle a wave of young groups, but also open up horizons for more people and reshape a new standard of quality of life.

Pay attention to product quality, advocate a healthy life, but also like a good-looking appearance. Rongsheng can better understand the real needs of contemporary young people for quality life. Since 2019, it has taken the lead in launching WILL series refrigerators to change "fresh-keeping" to a new concept of "fresh-keeping", break industry awareness, iterate product upgrades, and empower household healthy living. In 2022, Rong Sheng foresight integrated household development pattern, with flat embedded series of refrigerators, once again upgraded the value of household appliance refrigerators to the height of household aesthetics, with the free flat embedded design of "no protruding on the front, no cracks on the side, no waste of space". Let the refrigerator perfectly integrate into the cabinet design, enhance the overall beauty of space, and also open a new pattern of integrated development of home appliances and home. In Rongsheng's 40 years of extraordinary years, it has always been the direction of Rongsheng's development to have a timely insight into the needs of consumers, to achieve good communication and interaction with consumers, and to provide support for their good quality way of life.

The perfect ending of this food tour exhibition is not only Rongsheng's sincere gratitude for the support and love of users for many years, but also the beautiful result of Rongsheng's attention to the needs of users for many years. Rongsheng's determination to create a smarter, more convenient and more comfortable life for thousands of families.

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