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The eighth Golden Gyro Award was announced, and GOOVIS G3 Max won the "Outstanding VR / AR Optical Design Award of the year"!

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Shulou( Report--

On December 8, 2023, the 2023 Future Business Ecology Link Conference and the eighth Golden Gyro Award presentation ceremony (referred to as "FBEC2023") was held in Shenzhen with the theme of "symbiosis and tenacity", focusing on XR, games, e-sports and other cutting-edge areas of science and technology and the Internet, presenting cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements.

Nader Optics, as the pioneer of HD XR, won the "Outstanding AR / VR Optical Design Award of the year" at the award ceremony for its nine years of technical precipitation and outstanding market performance.

Since its establishment in January 2015, Nad Optics has focused on high-definition near-eye display optics, which is famous for its ultra-high definition. The "Global High Image quality" high-definition GOOVIS G3 Max, which takes 3 years to develop, is known by users as the "viewing head display ceiling". It uses an exclusive 12-piece glass-plastic mixed aspheric multi-lens group (ASPH), with two silicon-based OLED screens with 2.5K monocular eyes, to create retinal resolution and IMAX 3D visual effects.

High definition of "Global High Image quality"

"Global high image quality" high definition head display not only has ultra-high PPD (definition index), but also should achieve many indexes, such as no glare, no stray light, ultra-low distortion, clear edge of picture quality and so on. The G3 Max not only ensures the clarity of the center image quality, but also realizes the ultra-high definition of the edge image quality, sharp edges and corners without blurring. What is more, thanks to the exclusive self-developed optical scheme, the whole picture quality in the field of vision is as clear as crystal, free from glare and stray light, creating excellent retina-level picture quality!

Support a wide range of accurate diopter adjustment

G3 Max pioneered an integrated system of accurate myopia adjustment and digital feedback to achieve 19 diopter adjustment across 900 degrees, and no matter to any block, the picture is almost intact and can still maintain excellent picture quality.

More than 70% superhighlight efficiency

Nader Optics's exclusive ASPH solution has a super-highlight efficiency of more than 70%, which can not only ensure enough brightness into the eye, but also effectively avoid the long-term high temperature and highlight of the screen, and significantly prolong the service life of the screen.

About the Golden Gyro Award

The Golden Gyro Award is one of the most professionally influential comprehensive awards in the field of Pan-TMT in China, which is led by gyro technology.

Since its inception, the Golden Gyro Award has attracted nearly 10,000 entries and selected thousands of high-quality projects. the award aims to reward high-quality works, projects and outstanding enterprises, and encourage entrepreneurs and practitioners to make continuous progress. its strong expert jury, and perfect evaluation mechanism, review process, comprehensively ensure the authority of the selection results, and won great praise and recognition in the industry.

About Nad Optics

Shenzhen Nader Optical Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in advanced optical display and application solution development. Shenzhen specializes in special new small and medium-sized enterprises in 2022, and is the first to develop Micro-OLED near-eye display system in China, including monocular / binocular near-eye display module and XR intelligent glasses machine.

GOOVIS (Core Vision) is the company's head display machine brand, the core optical machine is the first in China with "large field of view angle adjustable diopter global high image quality" nearsighted display system, with high image quality, high PPD, high light efficiency, ultra-low distortion, large-range adjustable diopter, delicate color level, wide color gamut and so on. GOOVIS products and modules are widely used in simulation training, infrared thermal imager, surgical robot system, FPV, unmanned remote control, ophthalmology and visual health, live broadcast, cinema, games and other fields, best-selling global 60 + countries / regions, is the XR HD display benchmark brand.

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