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China Mobile: promoting the application of super SIM technology in real scenarios and setting up a pilot "vanguard"

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Shulou( Report-- December 11 news, recently, "Super SIM sub-chain 2023 second industry plenary meeting and results conference" was held in Jiangsu. The conference is jointly sponsored by China Mobile Research Institute and China Mobile Jiangsu Co., Ltd., and co-sponsored by Huada Electronics and Beijing Houqi.

At the meeting, Li Zheng, deputy director of the Business Research Institute of China Mobile Research Institute, made a presentation on "the overall work progress of the super SIM subchain in 2023". At the same time, Li Zheng announced the establishment of a new generation of super SIM key technology pilot "vanguard", including China Mobile Research Institute, Jiangsu Company, Guangxi Company, Zhejiang Company, Jinke Company and Internet Company. Note: Super SIM card (5G national secret NFC SIM card) is a new generation of SIM card developed by a joint industry chain partner of communication operators through unified technical specifications, which supports hardware encryption of national secret algorithm, NFC near-field communication, JAVA card application preset and air launch and other technical capabilities.

The purpose of the establishment of the pilot "vanguard" is to accelerate the research and development process of super SIM technology, promote its application in practical scenarios, and drive the rapid development of related industrial chains. China Mobile said that this marks the new generation of super SIM key technologies embarked on a new journey of trial and application under the support and guidance of the industry chain.

The press conference announced the five latest research results of super SIM subchain-- a new generation of super SIM security chip, domestic multi-application operating system, COSUP system, new industrial-grade pluggable SIM card, and "2roomX" external capacity card.

China Mobile said that in the future, China Mobile will join hands with the industry chain to continue to actively explore the practical application of super SIM technology in finance, transportation, social security and other fields.

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