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The short video blogger is suspected of discrediting the revolutionary hero he Kexi. Hangzhou Internet Court has filed a case.

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Shulou( Report--, December 11, according to the official account of Hangzhou Internet Court, on November 30, the plaintiff of public interest litigation filed a civil public interest lawsuit with Hangzhou Internet Court for the infringement of the portrait, reputation and honor of revolutionary hero Comrade he Kexi by Guo, he and Fu. attached event history:

In August this year, the family of General he Kexi, the founding major general, found that some of the short videos used Comrade he Kexi's picture in the video and maliciously misinterpreted his image, and the related videos were widely circulated. Subsequently, the family of General he Kexi reflected the above situation to the Xihu District Procuratorate.

After investigation, prosecutors of public interest litigation found that between October 2022 and July 2023, Guo, he and Fu produced and released short videos involved in the case through their own media accounts. The short video involved in the case uses the picture of Comrade he Kexi as the profile picture of a negative historical figure. After the video was released, it was widely forwarded on the Internet.

The prosecutor of public interest litigation believes that Guo, he and Fu, as online self-media bloggers, should ensure that the information released is objective and true, and shall not publish false online information that infringes upon the legitimate rights and interests of others. The three defendants failed to fulfill their obligation to release and verify the information and used the portrait of Comrade he Kexi to refer to the head portrait of historical figures with negative images. Comrade he Kexi, as a revolutionary pioneer, has made important contributions to the struggle for national independence and people's liberation, which belongs to the category of heroes prescribed by law. The actions of the three defendants not only hurt the feelings of the relatives of the revolutionary heroes, but also destroyed the social atmosphere and public morality that respected the heroic martyrs, which was not conducive to the continuous inheritance of the common interests of the nation, and damaged the social and public interests. According to Article 26 of the Law of the people's Republic of China on the Protection of heroic Martyrs and articles 179 and 1160 of the Civil Code of the people's Republic of China, the three persons shall bear civil tort liability in accordance with the law.

In accordance with the law, the prosecutor of the public interest litigation has obtained a statement from the close relatives of Comrade he Kexi to support the procuratorial organ in filing a civil public interest lawsuit.

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