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Huada Electronics and China Mobile release a new generation of super SIM chip: dominant frequency 120MHz, which supports mobile phone eSIM

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Shulou( Report-- December 11 news, December 5, Huada Semiconductor's Beijing CLP Huada Electronic Design Co., Ltd. and China Mobile Research Institute in the "Super SIM subchain 2023 second Industry Plenary and Achievement Conference" jointly announced the official release of a new generation of super SIM chips based on Huada electronic security chip CIU98M50.

According to the official account of "Huada Semiconductor", the ▲ image source, the chip is a new generation of super SIM chip product designed by Huada Electronics and China Mobile Research Institute, and will be used for the first time in Jiangsu Province. It has built-in super-large capacity embedded storage to achieve higher processing performance, faster communication rate, and higher security level. noted that the CIU98M50 chip released this time has the following major upgrade points:

The storage capacity is larger than the current super SIM chip, reaching 2.5MB, which at least doubles the user space, can hold more than 20 applications, and can better support full upgrade of dual COS backups.

The overall performance is improved, the main frequency of the chip is increased to 120MHz, the algorithm performance is improved by three times, and the communication interface 7816 interface is extended to support 2.5Mbps transmission rate.

Supports national commercial cryptographic algorithms and international algorithms, meets security requirements such as Merchant Secret II / UnionPay chip security / EAL5+/CC EAL6 +, and extends physical Anti-cloning function (PUF).

Support for plug-in Flash and extension support for Bluetooth protocol to facilitate the expansion of more application scenarios.

Huada Electronics said that CIU98M50 is oriented to super SIM card applications, which not only supports the needs of traditional SIM applications, digital identity, digital RMB, finance, transportation, Ukey, access control and other applications, but also can be extended to mobile phone eSE, eSIM, secure payment and other new application fields.

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