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Zeiss stated that some e-commerce stores will take legal action to sell Xiaoleyuan / Zhirui lenses without authorization.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen SNOS Snow for the clue delivery! news on December 11, some e-commerce stores on Taobao,, pinduoduo, Douyin and other platforms to promote and sell Zeiss small Le Yuan lenses, Zeiss Zhirui lenses these two products. In response, Zeiss issued a statement that the above-mentioned online stores do not have a cooperative relationship with Zeiss, and the unauthorized use of trademarks and copyrighted publicity images during publicity without permission may not only infringe upon trademark rights and copyrights. it's more likely to constitute unfair competition. attached statement:

First, we have never authorized any online store to sell Zeiss Letters and Zeiss Zhirui lenses on the online platform. In order to ensure that consumers can get professional matching and after-sales service, we only authorize offline physical stores to sell the above two types of products.

Second, the Cai Si Xiaole round lenses and Cai Si Zhi Rui lenses currently sold on the online platform are not obtained through the sales channels authorized by our company. Because of the high matching requirements of these two products, such as online matching, consumers may not be able to get professional and accurate matching services. Therefore, we recommend that consumers choose offline physical stores authorized by Zeiss to buy these two products.

Third, the above online shop which sells Zeiss Xiaole round lenses and Zeiss Zhirui lenses does not have a cooperative relationship with our company. The use of our trademark and copyrighted publicity pictures for drainage without our permission may not only infringe upon our trademark and copyright, but also constitute unfair competition.

Fourth, for any unfair competition acts such as infringing our intellectual property rights, confusing the market, disturbing audio-visual, etc., we will resolutely take legal action to investigate the legal responsibility of the parties in accordance with the law.

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