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Water + sorghum + barley + pea: Jinfen River pure grain and wine 28 yuan six-phase interest-free (98 yuan per day)

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Shulou( Report-- [Jinfen River flagship store]

The daily price of Jinfenhe Fenhe Fen-flavor liquor (53 degrees) 500ml is 98 yuan. Today, issued an order with a reduction of 10 yuan.

Superimposed 60 yuan time-limited coupon, 28 yuan free delivery + six installments interest-free: Jinfen River Qingdrill Fen-flavor liquor 53 degrees 500mL double discount 28 yuan 60 coupons Jinfen River Qingqui Fen-flavor spirits 53 degrees 500ml double discount 29 yuan 60 coupons Jinfen River brown diamond Fen-flavor liquor 2008 commemorative edition 53 degrees 500ml coupons after 25 yuan 24 coupons this promotion is "light bottle" (no gift box), the partner who issued the order before "taste almost like Fen wine".

The ingredient list is "water + sorghum + barley + pea", and the national standard GB / T10781.2 (fresh-flavor solid-state fermented liquor) belongs to pure grain liquor.

The daily price of blue diamond / green quintessence is 98 yuan (98 yuan for Tmall's flagship store and 69 yuan for pinduoduo). Friends can compare prices online before placing orders.

Production license No.: SC11514118202214

Product standard number: GB / T10781.2

Factory name: Shanxi Xinghua Guxing Liquor Co., Ltd.

Factory address: Xinghua Village Wine Industry concentrated Development area, Fenyang City, Lvliang City, Shanxi Province Jinfen River Qingrui Fen-flavor Liquor 53 degrees 500mL double discount 28 yuan 60 yuan coupons Jinfen River Qingqui Fen-flavor spirits 53 degrees 500ml double discount 29 yuan 60 yuan coupons

Tmall no threshold red packet up to 8888 yuan, smoke once a day: click here to draw red packet.

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