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HMD Global celebrates its seventh anniversary, and Guan Xuan will launch a series of own-brand mobile phones next year.

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Shulou( Report-- December 11 news, Nokia mobile phone manufacturer HMD Global recently celebrated its seventh anniversary, HMD chief marketing officer Lars Silberbauer in LinkedIn issued a celebration announcement, claiming that next year will launch a series of private brand mobile phones, and officially announced HMD's full name "Human Mobile Devices."

▲ In addition, recent FCC documents show that HMD Global is preparing to replace Nokia XR21 with "HMD" brand, the relevant model is TA-1592, and the software and hardware are the same as those of Nokia XR21 (TA-1486).

According to previously reported, HMD Global has launched a self-branded custom machine M-Kopa X1 with M-Kopa Logo on the back and the inscription "Designed by HMD", which is the "vest version" of the Nokia C32 smartphone already on the market.

▲ Related reading of HMD Global's M-Kopa X1 mobile phone: "HMD Global's first private brand mobile phone M-Kopa X1 parameters are released, and the Nokia C32 is replaced."

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