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Brother feedback is not bad: Jianyun Bayerde velvet silk long johns 29.9 yuan (daily 79.9 yuan)

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Jianyun outlets Store]

Jianyun thin warm long johns daily price from 79.9 yuan, today can get 50 yuan time-limited coupons, the actual payment from 29.9 yuan free delivery.

Modal x silk / pupa protein x German velvet, 3.8 discount clearance is really good price:

Tmall Jianyun warm long johns men and women after 55 optional coupons from 29.9 yuan 50 yuan coupons are also available this time:

Tmall Jianyun autumn dress long johns suit Modell x silk x German velvet coupon after receiving RMB 69.9RMB coupon long johns thin coupon (suitable for 5mm 20 ℃) coupon this price, medium thick coupon after 39.9yuan, thickened coupon after 49.9yuan.

German velvet (dralon) is a patented material (acrylic fiber) developed by Bayer in Germany, also known as Bayer acrylic fiber.

Most of the friends who placed orders two days ago have received the goods, with a 29.9 yuan actual auction label:

Fabric: modal fiber 55.3% + acrylic fiber (German velvet) 31.7% + spandex (elastic fiber) 9.0% + mulberry silk 4.0%.

"Jianyun" brand autumn clothes long johns suit daily price is a little expensive, friends can compare the price of the whole network before issuing orders.

With the shop non-promotion link light model (modal x de velvet x silkworm pupa protein) is now on sale 89 yuan: click here to see.

Some styles of this promotion are as follows:

Tmall Jianyun warm long johns 55 optional coupons for men and women 50 yuan coupons Tmall Jianyun autumn clothes long johns suit modal x silk x de velvet coupons

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