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[evaluation Room] Polar Space Z423 Ultimate Edition experience: Super performance, Smart data Center for the whole Family

2024-04-13 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--

At the launch of the 2023 Polar Space Private Cloud in October, Polar launched its first flagship NAS product in pursuit of peak performance, the Polar Space Z423 flagship version.

This is currently the most powerful product for polar space private cloud products, and it is also the performance peak of the entire consumer private cloud market. Now that has got this product, let's review it today to see how it actually works.

Design this polar space Z423 flagship version adopts a different brand-new design, its whole is a rounded vertical box, the one gets is black, the whole body has almost no other colors except black, and has a strong unity.

The appearance of the product is wrapped in an aluminum alloy shell, but the shell is a double-layer frame structure, and the outer two-layer cover plates surround the fuselage in an oblique symmetrical way, making the product full of design sense.

The front of the fuselage is the polar space Logo, the side also has a NFC logo, the surface as a whole is dull and delicate sandblasting technology, but these two Logo are bright surface treatment, although it is also black, but very eye-catching, so that the overall design will not be monotonous.

Many interfaces can be seen on the back of the fuselage, including a HDMI2.1 interface, an eSATA, a Type C interface, two USB 3.2 Gen 2 standard Type An interfaces, a gigabit network port and a 10 Gigabit network port, as well as a dedicated UPS power supply interface.

The Polar Space Z423 flagship version has a flat metal cover at the top, but the cover can be removed and four hard drive bits can be seen.

At the same time, there are power buttons, USB interface and indicator lights and cooling air outlet at the top of the fuselage, so the overall design is orderly.

Remove the hard disk bracket, you can see the internal structure of the fuselage, the whole is also relatively regular and pleasing to the eye.

At the bottom of the fuselage are four foot mats and obvious round cobweb cooling air inlets, and huge cooling fans can be seen at the same time, indicating that polar space Z423 flagship version of the work of the cooling demand is relatively high.

In terms of accessories, Polar Space Z423 flagship version provides a power supply, installation screwdriver, external power supply, two network cables and anti-skid pads, accessories are still relatively complete.

On the whole, the flagship version of Polar Space Z423 has a high appearance, simple and smooth, stylish and elegant, and it is more popular at home every day.

Second, installation and use in the actual use of Polar Space Z423 flagship version, you need to carry out the necessary hardware installation steps, the installation method of the official also provides detailed video steps. Specifically, flip the Z423, unscrew the bottom screw, and then break the side plate upward to remove the metal side plate.

When the side panel is opened, you can see the memory compartment and M.2 slots. Polar Space Z423 Ultimate Edition provides 8 hard disk bits, including 4 SATA3 6Gbps hard drives and 4 NVMe 1.2 / 1.3M.2 SSD slots, as well as 2 DDR4 3200MHz memory slots, which are pre-installed with one 32GB memory and can be expanded up to 64GB memory.

After installing the memory and M.2 SSD, you can put the side panel back in. Then open the top cover of the fuselage, you can see the mechanical hard disk storage, the hard disk bracket is designed separately, the card buckle in front of the bracket can be moved inside to open the lock and remove the bracket.

Then flip the hard drive bracket, press the clip on the left at the bottom to open it to the left, then flip it over, place the hard drive in the direction of the label up and the gold finger facing outward, and then reset the clip, and you can put the hard drive back into the hard drive warehouse.

In addition, the Polar Space Z423 flagship version can also install a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive by unscrewing the mounting assembly on the bracket, placing the hard drive, and screwing the 2.5-inch hard drive.

After these operations are completed, the Polar Space Z423 Ultimate Edition can be used normally.

Third, performance experience usually we rarely pay attention to the performance of CPU in NAS products, but Polar Space Z423 (flagship version) is special, it is equipped with an AMD Auron 75825U processor, supplemented by AMD 8-core GPU.

This AMD Ruilong 75825U processor has 8 cores, 16 threads, 7 nm process, 16MB three-level cache, 2GHz main frequency, and VEGA 8 core display. This performance is absolutely ceiling level in similar NAS products. Compared with its own past products, the performance of Polar Space Z423 flagship version is 600% higher than that of the first generation Z4 and 400% higher than that of the previous generation Z4s. The AI processing time of GPU and video is also 10-60 times higher than that of the previous generation. also tested the performance of the virtual machine by installing the Windows 11 system. Polar Space Z423 flagship AMD Auron 7 5825U processor scored 555.9 for single thread and 3310.1 for multi-thread in CPU-Z performance tests. It's hard to see such a high score in products like NAS.

Then the editor uses Master Lu's hardware evaluation to test the comprehensive performance of the flagship version of Polar Space Z423 in the virtual machine, the score can reach 610656 points, of which the CPU score reached 402938 points, which is also quite high.

The editor also used 7-ZIP to conduct a bandwidth benchmark test, with a total score of 57.935GIPS, which is not a problem for daily use, office entertainment and so on.

Overall, the performance of the Polar Space Z423 flagship version is indeed at its peak with the boost of the AMD Ruilong 75825U processor. Yuan Bin, founder of Polar Space, said at the press conference that he hoped that the future private cloud would become the center of smart families. Based on this position, it would be reasonable to equip the flagship version of Polar Space Z423 with such strong performance.

Software functional experience, as the first echelon brand of domestic private cloud, Polar Space has been committed to creating easy-to-use, easy-to-use private cloud products, and this ease of use is largely reflected in software interaction. This is especially true for Polar Space Z423 flagship version.

For example, when you have finished all the preparatory work for the flagship version of Polar Space Z423, you need to register and bind the device when you turn on the power for the first time, and this time the flagship version of Polar Space Z423 specially adds the NFC identification function, you do not need to scan the QR code and other operations, after downloading the polar space App on the mobile phone, touch the NFC logo of the fuselage, you will be able to identify, registration is more convenient.

The first registered mobile phone number is the administrator account, which can perform login authentication, monitoring and other management operations on the device. The first binding registration needs to choose the way to establish a storage pool, hard disk formatting and other operations. After a few simple steps, you will enter the main interface.

Talking about App just now, Polar Space supports clients on different platforms very comprehensively. In addition to mobile phones, there are PC and TV terminals, PC includes Windows, Mac and Web terminals, in addition to Mini Program, Polar Space relatives and so on.

We take the PC client as an example, after entering the main interface, we selected some commonly used applications for display.

Click the all Apps button on the left and you can see all the apps on the screen.

The editor first opens the "personal space" and uploads a large wave of photos on his M.2 SSD. You can see that the upload speed is fast. The 249MB size of 89 photos is completed in less than half a minute. At this upload speed, you can almost think of it as a local storage device without feeling. If you want to save something, just drag it into it.

After uploading photos, you can also put them into the "extreme album" application, thanks to the powerful performance of AMD Ruilong 75825U processor, Polar Space Z423 flagship version of the album AI recognition performance is also very excellent, photos imported into the album, basically immediately can be recognized and classified by AI, it can carry out portrait recognition, scene classification, geographical location based footprint classification and memory selection. I believe you are already familiar with these functions on smartphones, so it is really a good experience to translate this familiar intellectual experience in polar space.

In polar space, as an administrator account, you can also add accounts for your family to achieve the effect of sharing content with your family.

For example, in extreme albums, you can create baby albums or family albums and share them with your family. You can create an album and import photos from personal space or team space so that your family can see the photos you want to share in this album.

Similarly, family members can access the files you want to share with others in the team Space.

You can also choose to grant "read-only" or "read-write" access to specific family members, for example, if you want someone who can only view but cannot modify the content in the team space, you can grant him "read-only" access.

One of the more popular features of the editor is "network disk backup", which provides backup functions of Baidu network disk, Tianyi cloud disk and OneDrive. Take Baidu network disk as an example, after binding your account, you can download files from your Baidu network disk to polar space, or upload files from polar space to Baidu network disk.

For example, the editor downloads a movie from Baidu's network disk to polar space, and the Internet speed at home is 300m broadband. You can see that its download speed is still very fast, and it can run at the highest speed used by editors in daily life.

After downloading, you can open the highly acclaimed Polar Film and Television application of Polar Space Private Cloud. When you import the film and television content from Polar Space hard disk into Polar Film and Television, it can immediately match the cover, classification, rating and other information of these film and television content, and then present their meaning like a video website, which feels as if you have created a video website yourself. All kinds of categories are well divided, and there is such an exclusive film and television library. For a drama-hunting party like the editor, there is only one word: Shuang.

Specific playback, polar space Z423 flagship version of the player function is also relatively powerful, in addition to setting clarity, but also set audio tracks, sound channels, HDR display, image display, double speed, etc., in the original painting mode to play is not stuck, more importantly, can also be set to add external subtitles or online search subtitles, very practical.

In addition, Polar Space Z423 flagship Edition also supports the direct use of Docker services, it has a new graphical interface settings, easier to use, X86 and ARM architecture support, greatly enrich the playability of polar space, while built-in rich mirror library resources, easy to download, easy to use, more support side routing, GPU hardware rendering acceleration and other functions. All these provide more geek users with the possibility of advanced exploration.

In addition to Docker, Polar Space Z423 Ultimate Edition also provides virtual machine capabilities that can be deployed directly in the private cloud. For example, installed a Windows 11 system in the virtual machine. After entering the system, you can see that the access is very smooth, whether it is typing, browsing the web, watching video, and so on. Of course, this is also due to the super performance of Polar Space Z423 Ultimate Edition. These functions greatly improve the space for hard-core users to explore and play in depth.

In mobile App, its application function is basically similar to that of the desktop. What the editor would like to introduce here is the "mobile backup" function. You can choose automatic album backup, Wechat file backup, mobile folder backup and upload mobile files according to your needs. We know that Wechat files are often local, over time the accumulation of a lot of files will take up a lot of storage space, then delete some important documents will be used later. At this point, you can use Polar Space Z423's flagship Wechat file backup function.

After clicking, it may prompt the mobile phone system permission bit to be granted, you can search WeChat Mini Programs for "polar space private cloud" Mini Program for backup, after clicking Mini Program, you can see the option of Wechat backup, according to the tips, you can choose to back up the chat files of specific friends, and after uploading all the corresponding files to backup, you can rest assured to clean up the space for your phone.

The TV client has also been installed and experienced. Considering that the main function of TV is audio-visual entertainment, polar space has less App functions on TV than on mobile phones and desktops. It mainly provides several functions such as extreme photo album, extreme film and television, extreme music, extreme classroom and file viewing. Of course, these are definitely enough for television.

In addition, in the process of use, the polar space Z423 flagship version will have the sound of the hard disk running and the fan working, but the sound is not loud. The editor puts the polar space Z423 flagship version under the living room TV. Sitting on the sofa, you can hardly hear the sound it makes when you are working, let alone if you are watching TV.

Also, the polar space Z423 flagship version of the exclusive UPS uninterruptible power supply is also very sweet, very convenient to use, it can be plugged into the interface behind the fuselage, if the home power outage or accidentally knocked off the plug, polar space Z423 flagship version will not be power outage, naturally do not worry about data loss or hard drive damage.

Finally, if your hard drive fails for a long time, the Polar Space Z423 flagship version can also be actively detected to remind you to replace the hard drive, which shows that its functional system is still very comprehensive.

Yuan Bin, founder of Polar Space, once said at the press conference:

We hope that for ordinary users, polar space can be like an easy-to-use electric car, users do not need to learn more knowledge in advance, nor do they need to carry out tedious configuration, as long as they open the door, sit in and step on the accelerator. you can go out and buy food.

Through the use and experience of Z423 flagship version, can really feel that Polar Space is really working in this direction, and the results are remarkable. As a consumer-oriented product, Z423 flagship version does make it easy for even novice users to follow the instructions, rich functional applications and user-friendly software interaction, greatly reducing the threshold for the use of private cloud products.

At the same time, the powerful performance of Polar Space Z423 flagship version also brings it a smooth and rapid use experience and rich playability, whether beginners or senior digital geeks, can enjoy the experience in Polar Space Z423 flagship version of the fun, in fact, above or introduced the function of Polar Space Z423 flagship version of the ability of the tip of the iceberg, it has more ways to play worthy of everyone to dig.

In the digital age, everyone will produce a lot of data, and private cloud into the home is quite necessary, just like the flagship version of Polar Space Z423, it can become the "data center" of every family, our work, life, entertainment and study can be placed in it, and on this basis to produce a wealth of play and fun, and to achieve these, only need a starting price of 5999 yuan, think about it is actually quite worthwhile. polar space private cloud Z423 flagship edition "8" bit 8 core 32 GB memory 10 Gigabit network dual system Nas network storage server [no built-in hard disk] carbon crystal ash 6299 yuan direct link

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