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LCD+12+256GB: one plus Ace racing version of the mobile phone 1139 yuan subsidy halves the clearance

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The one plus Ace racing version, released on May 17, 2022, comes with a customized version of Tianji 8100-MAX and supports 12G LPDDR5 memory + 256G UFS 3.1flash memory.

Equipped with 5000mAh large battery + 67W super flash charge, rear 6400W full scene three shots, 12GB+256GB listed price 2499 yuan.

During 's 12.12 promotion period, the 10 billion subsidy price was 1199 yuan, and the order was issued with a 15% discount coupon with a hand price of 1139.05 yuan.

Discount coupons: App search for "Dongguan coupons" can be obtained. (the collar is opened at 10 o'clock every day, available throughout the country) one plus Ace racing version of mobile phone 12GB+256GB1139.05 yuan direct link

The one plus Ace racing version is equipped with a rear 6400W panoramic triple shot, the main shot + macro + wide angle, the lens module bulges in the upper left corner, which is similar to one plus 10 Pro, and uses an arc transition on the left, but the lens module and the rear cover use the same color treatment, which looks more integrated.

Looking at the front, the one plus Ace racing version uses a 6.59in 120Hz LCD variable speed e-sports straight screen with a punch lens in the upper left corner.

The one plus Ace racing version is equipped with a customized version of Tian Ji 8100-MAX, which supports a maximum of 12GB full blood version of LPDDR5 memory + 256g full blood version of UFS 3.1flash memory.

The machine is also equipped with a "diamond 8-layer heat dissipation system", with a large area of liquid-cooled VC + diamond thermal conductive material + ultra-high density graphite, and a 360 °e-sports waist antenna, specially designed for game scenes, regardless of horizontal and vertical grip, the signal is not affected.

The one plus Ace racing version also has a large volume X-axis linear motor + O-Haptic game vibration effect with one plus × Thunderer joint tuning, using closed dual stereo speakers, supporting full-function NFC, and side fingerprints. one plus Ace racing version of mobile phone 12GB+256GB1139.05 yuan direct link

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