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[evaluation room] Xuan Zhixing shadow light book evaluation: exclusive private model Guofeng metal fuselage, full of blood core 7840H blessing

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In the past two years, the power consumption performance and performance level of AMD's Ruilong processor on the mobile side are different from those of the past. More and more notebook and handset devices begin to use the 6000 and 7000 series Ruilong CPU. With this Xuanshi Xuan Zhixing shadow light book, which was put on sale during Singles' Day shortly after its release, we just came to see how R7 7840H performs.

The packaging of the Xuan Zhi Xing ink shadow notebook adopts the current popular fashion design, and the black background is supplemented by the big mint green color matching calligraphy body "Zhi", which indicates its identity and retains a trace of mystery.

Xuanshi Xuan Zhixing shadow light book appearance is very simple, square fuselage lines, pure black frosted metal fuselage shell, have a certain texture.

Noodle An is only decorated with a mint green and silver Logo label in the middle on the right, which is more low-key than it would have been when you saw the package.

In terms of size, the Xuanshi Xuan Zhixing shadow is 370.6*247.9*17.9mm, the weight is 1.8Kg, with a 16-inch screen, which is a regular performance in a light and thin book.

Lift A side, Xuanshi Xuan Zhixing shadow light book supports one-hand opening and closing, the maximum opening and closing angle is 150 degrees, the sense of damping and the weight of the fuselage are good, lifting the screen with one hand will not cause the C and D sides to tilt up.

A small bulge is made in the middle of the top of the B face to facilitate the opening and closing of the screen, while leaving more space for the camera and microphone.

The screen as a whole is designed with a narrow frame on 3 sides, the bottom edge is wider, the brand Logo is placed on the left edge of the bottom, and the screen is treated with anti-glare fog. In terms of specifications, Xuan Zhixing Shadow is equipped with a 2.5K resolution, 165Hz refresh rate, 16:9 IPS screen, 100% sRGB gamut and DC dimming enhancement, and the screen ratio reaches 86%.

As you can see from AIDA64, the manufacturer of this screen is BOE, that is, BOE. Its display ID BOE0B7D is also the screen model used by some high-end game books, it seems that in the screen, XuanZhiXing shadow is still the next version. So how does the color of this screen perform? uses a professional colorimeter and DisPlay Cal software for testing. Measured on the sRGB color gamut, the gamut volume exceeds 100%, and the gamut coverage reaches 98.2%, which is basically in line with the publicity. The gamut coverage of Adobe RGB and DCI P3 reached 73.1% and 75.2%, respectively.

In terms of color accuracy, the average Delta E is 1.43, and the maximum Delta E is 2.43, which is also good.

We went on to look at side C, thanks to the 16-inch fuselage, Xuan Xuan Zhixing Shadow also put a complete chocolate keyboard with a numeric keypad area, the keyboard is a sunken design, supports three stages of backlight adjustment, the surface of the keycap is smooth coating, the top row of keys takes into account the design of F1-F12 and FN + combined function keys, and a blue light indicator ring is made around the power key, with fingerprint identification function. It can make the unlocking more efficient and more secure.

The area of the trackpad is relatively large, the position is left, and the surface is frosted. The lower part of the left and right half of the area distinguishes the left and right keys of the corresponding mouse, and the pressing strength and feedback are handled well. In addition, although the fuselage is thin, the metal fuselage makes the fuselage unexpectedly rigid, and pressing hard on the C plane will not produce obvious deformation.

In the D-side design, Xuanpai Xuanzhi Star Ink Shadow adopts an "ancient" but practical design, and a "small skylight" quick disassembly board is set up in the lower right corner, so long as you unscrew the screw, you can directly replace the solid state hard drive. for some novice users who do not know how to dismantle the machine, this design is really intimate.

In terms of interface, Xuanpai Xuan Zhixing shadow is distributed on both sides, the air outlet on the back is designed, and the left side of the fuselage is followed by power interface, HDMI interface, dual USB3.1 Gen1 Type-An interface, full-function Type-C interface, 3.5mm headphone hole and camera anti-peep switch.

The right side of the fuselage contains a USB3.2 Gen Type-An interface, a full-size SD card reader and a RJ45 network port, which is sufficient for a lightweight machine.

The core part of Xuan Zhixing Shadow Notebook uses the Ruilong 77840H processor of Zen 4 architecture, 8 cores and 16 threads, the acceleration frequency is as high as 5.1GHz, the third-level cache is 16MB, and the power consumption is 54W. Radeon 780m is used in the core display, which is one of the best in the current mobile notebook products.

Before testing, it should be emphasized that although Xuan Zhixing Shadow Notebook is a light and thin notebook, it still provides three performance mode adjustments, as long as you press the Fn+Q key on the keyboard at the same time, you can switch at will. The three gear modes are seal mode, combat mode and rage mode, respectively, corresponding to low power consumption, daily use and full blood performance scenarios, taking into account range and performance release. The following theoretical performance and measured parts are carried out in rage mode.

We first tested the grill on this notebook. In the 10-minute single-roast FPU session, the CPU power consumption of XuanZhiXing Ink Shadow Notebook was stable at 54W CPU temperature of 86 degrees, and at this time the CPU main frequency was 4.0GHz, which was not bad for frivolity.

Next, we will conduct the theoretical test. In the running part of the CPU-Z, R7 7840H scored 620.2 points for a single core and 6587.5 points for a multi-core.

In the test of CineBench R23, Xuan Zhixing Shadow notebook scored 1756 points for single core and 15876 points for multi-core. This is shown in notebooks with the same model or R7 7840HS processor, which belongs to the upper-middle level.

Then we used 3D Mark's CPU Profile project to test the multithreading performance of CPU in more detail. Xuan Zhixing Ink Shadow notebook finally got a score of 900 points for a single thread and a maximum score of 7361 points.

Xuan Zhixing shadow notebook GPU part, the use of RNDA3 architecture, and known as the strongest kernel of the AMD Radeon 780m, it has 12CUGPU frequency for 2700MHz, is also the current Windows game handheld products favorite, so there is still something in performance. We also tested it with a simple baking machine with FurMark. After baking alone for 10 minutes, the core frequency of GPU was stable in a straight line of 2700MHz, the power consumption of GPU gradually increased from 27W to 30W, and the temperature gradually increased from 56 degrees to 60 degrees.

Then, we conduct a stability test through the Time Spy stress test of 3D Mark. Generally, its score is higher than 97% to pass the test and pass the test. The final score of the 20 rounds of Time Spy cycle of Xuan Zhixing Shadow Notebook was 99.4%, which passed the test perfectly.

In the benchmark test of 3D Mark Time Spy, which represents the performance of DX12 games, the Xuan Zhixing Shadow Notebook's graphics card score easily reached 3000 points with the help of the core Radeon 780m support for LPDDR5 high-frequency memory, which was about 22.59% higher than the 2470 score of the previous generation Radeon 680m and close to the 10000 mark.

In the 3D Mark Fire Strike test, which represents the performance of DX11 games, Xuan Zhixing's graphics card score reached 8357, an improvement of about 12.6% compared with the 7420 points of the previous generation of Radeon 680m. It can be said that these two groups of scores come out, I am still a little looking forward to the game performance of XuanZhiXing Ink Shadow notebook.

The actual measurement of the game part of the game, only to show the frivolity originally said to have not been a strong point. However, in the name of the "strongest" censor, can the Radeon 780m run some 3A games smoothly in low and medium quality? After all, many friends who buy light money occasionally want to play games with it, so we also chose 3 games to test this time.

First of all, the most popular online competitive game on Steam, "CS2". Considering that it has increased a lot of performance requirements after a comprehensive upgrade, and it may be a bit difficult to run at the native 2K resolution, we choose to run at 1080p high-definition quality. At this time, the average number of frames is 64 frames and 1% Low frames is 34 frames.

If the picture quality is reduced to low, then the frame number performance is considerable, the average frame number can reach 176frames, 1% Low frames to 107frames, this performance is enough to feel the smooth experience of high screen brushing.

On the stand-alone 3A game side, we chose two games to test. In the classic action adventure game Tomb Raider: shadow, 1080p was selected to run its own game benchmark with an average frame rate of 53 frames and 1% Low frames of 46 frames. If you turn off some image quality options properly, you should be able to run steadily at 60 frames.

In the sports leisure game Ultimate Speed: horizon 5, use 1080p resolution to preset low image quality, turn off vertical synchronization, and then run its own performance benchmark, with an average frame rate of 92 frames and 81 Low frames.

To further improve the picture quality, run the performance benchmark again, and also have an average score of 62 frames, and 1% Low frames are 54 frames, which is good for a thin book. If you use it to play independent games with lower configuration requirements or Tencent family buckets, the Radeon 780m should be able to play a greater role.

On the productivity side, we can take a brief look at the performance level of PC Mark 10 through its modern office benchmark. The comprehensive score of Xuan Zhixing Ink Shadow notebook is 6951, the scores of basic function and productivity are more than 10,000, and the score of digital content creation is more than 8000, which can cope with daily office work and simple picture revision and video editing. Audio-visual entertainment is no problem.

Storage and battery life finally, let's take a look at the storage and battery performance of Xuan Zhixing's shadow notebook. In memory, Xuan Zhixing Shadow Notebook uses 16GB LPDDR5 6400MHz dual-channel on-board memory, which is measured by AIDA64's memory run test.

Its read and copy scores are above 65000MB/s, the write speed can reach 92448MB/s, the delay 113.4ns is slightly higher, and the overall performance is regular.

As for the hard disk part, we look at it through CryStalDiskInfo. Xuan Zhixing Shadow Notebook uses Jianxing solid-state disk with 1TB capacity.

The actual hard disk read and write performance, the above is the measured data of CryStalDiskMark, you can refer to.

In terms of battery life, Xuan Zhixing Ink Shadow notebook official said it was equipped with 70Wh battery, which lasted 7 hours and 01 minutes in the modern office battery test of PC Mark 10, and it is estimated that it will have about 5 hours of screen time in actual use.

Summing up the Xuanpai Xuanzhi Star Ink Shadow, the overall impression that this light and thin book belongs to a steady and practical school, it does not have a very amazing design and function, but with the help of R7 7840H, which has strong performance and excellent graphics performance, it still brings us some surprises in terms of performance, especially the excellent classic 3A games that can run smoothly and optimize. So that many users who want to buy lightweight books with both daily work and leisure and entertainment have a more cost-effective choice. after all, its starting price is only 3999 yuan.

In addition, Xuan Zhixing ink shadow notebook in this price range of products, workmanship and texture are also good. Excellent rigid metal fuselage, easy opening and closing screen with one hand, large screen with high color gamut, power key with fingerprint identification, and M.2 hard disk quick detachable board with D side, small details and small bright spots. To say sorry, that is the performance of M.2 hard drive. Generally speaking, Xuan Zhixing Ink Shadow Notebook is a machine that does not make mistakes in all aspects. it is suitable for students who have a small budget and want to use it for a few years. Xuanpai Xuan Zhixing Ink Shadow Notebook R7-7840H 16.1 inch 2.5K / 165Hz 16G / 512G Standard pressure Universal creation this 3999 yuan direct link

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