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Avita personnel change: Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, personally took over, and former CEO Tan Benhong stepped down

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Thanks to netizen for a broken tail, superSSS clue delivery! December 12 news, Avita Technology announced that Chang 'an Automobile Party Secretary, Chairman Zhu Huarong as Avita Technology Chairman. At the same time, Tan Benhong no longer serves as Chairman and CEO of Avita Technology, but as Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Chang 'an Automobile.

In this personnel appointment, Wang Xiaofei, vice president of Chang 'an Automobile, will assist the chairman of Avita Technology in the company's enterprise operation, major project promotion, key business operation and other aspects. In the future, under the leadership of the new management team, Avita Technology will accelerate the pace of brand high-end.

Avita is an automobile brand jointly established by Chang 'an Automobile, Huawei and Ningde Times. During Tan Benhong's tenure, he successively launched Avita 11 and Avita 12 models. query found that Tan Benhong also appeared at the site where Chang 'an Automobile and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement in 2019, so he began to participate from the birth of the Avita brand.

Avita 12 officially opened national delivery on the 10th of this month, landing six times in 19 provinces and 40 cities. Avita 12 was officially launched on November 10, with a total of 3 models, priced from 30.08 to 40.08 million yuan. Earlier official data showed that the car's large order has exceeded 20000 units.

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