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Listing price 1688 yuan: Huawei WATCH GT 4 smartwatch 1406 yuan Jingdong explore new low

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Huawei launched its smartwatch WATCH GT 4 series in October, which supports arrhythmia prompts. The official price of the "41mm + white leather strap" model is 1688 yuan.

During 's 12.12 promotion period, after adding multiple discounts below, you only need 1406.1 yuan for free delivery:

For the first time, users can receive a single gift of 100 Fuhrer.

9.5% off consumption coupons: click here to pick up (open at 10: 00 every day, available nationwide) Huawei HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 white leather strap 41mm frost white voucher after 1406.1 yuan 50 yuan coupon appearance, 41mm version uses the "smart gold bead" design, support the selection of tens of thousands of personalized dial.

In terms of screen size, the 41mm version provides a 1.32-inch 466 × 466 AMOLED screen with a resolution of 352ppi.

The first "scientific fat reduction shaping" function supports the display of calorie consumption, quick recording of calorie intake and other functions, providing more than 100 exercise modes. In addition, you can also provide exclusive scientific diet advice, and built-in 600 + fitness courses.

Bring more accurate health detection, can achieve running heart rate sensitive tracking, pulse wave arrhythmia detection and analysis and other functions. Huawei HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 white leather strap 41mm frost whitening voucher after 1406.1 yuan collar 50 yuan coupon

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