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The former R Star developer explained why the first launch of "GTA 6" did not log on to the PC platform.

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Shulou( Report--, December 12 / PRNewswire-FirstCall-Asianet /-- in the latest YouTube video on his channel, Mike York, a former developer of the "GTA 5" game, explained why "GTA 6" didn't launch on the PC platform.

York said that R Star usually releases the PlayStation game console version first, then migrates it to the Xbox platform, and then releases the PC version, the whole time interval may be months or years. translator York's point of view is as follows:

One of the most important reasons why it takes so long to migrate the PC platform after R Star released the game is that developers want to be perfect and solve minor problems that have not been dealt with before.

The reason for the delay in porting the PC platform is that the development team gives priority to the best-selling platforms.

In general, the sales of the PlayStation platform are relatively good, so developers will concentrate all their energies on the PlayStation platform in the early stage, and then consider how to improve it after porting to other platforms.

For example, when I was developing Grand Theft Auto 5, we focused on PS3 and Xbox, but more importantly, how to play to the limits of PS3 performance.

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