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Gaode taxi upgrade "fare bodyguard" service: take the initiative to identify unreasonable fares, you can pay compensation in advance.

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Shulou( Report-- December 12 news, Gaode car-hailing recently announced the upgrade of the "fare bodyguard" service, which can be actively involved in situations such as itinerary deviation, abnormal fare, driver detour and so on. At present, it has covered all the online car-hailing platforms of Gaode car-hailing cooperation.

It is understood that the fare bodyguard service was first released in September this year by ▲ Tuyuan Gaode taxi-hailing official Weibo, which was upgraded from the "dare to pay for it" service released by Gaode Taxi in 2019. Previously, when consumers encountered problems such as detour, non-bus deduction, overcharging surcharge, not ending billing in time, and starting billing in advance, they complained first and verified after the platform, which was a passive protection afterwards, and the "fare bodyguard" realized the active protection of consumers' rights and interests.

Gaode's "fare bodyguard" can detect real-time changes in fares caused by changes in driving routes, road congestion and other factors, and check with the estimated fares, take the initiative to dispel doubts to consumers and pay compensation in advance.

As previously reported by, Gaud released a large model of safe travel in September this year. The safe travel model is based on Gaode's capabilities such as map big data, location big data, navigation big data, intelligent decision system, and so on. from the whole process of risk identification, risk early warning, real-time protection, normal governance and other processes to help the online ride-hailing platform to improve security management capabilities and reduce security risks.

Gao de taxi-hailing said that at present, more than 100 ride-hailing platforms have been connected to the safe travel model, completing more than 1000 road safety warnings per day, and the driver's overspeed has dropped by 18.4%.

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