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A new addition to the Volkswagen electric car family: spy photos of the ID.7 travel prototype are exposed

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Shulou( Report--, December 12 (Xinhua)-- Volkswagen is also expanding its ID with the development of the electric vehicle market. With a lineup of products ranging from the original ID.3 hatchback to ID.4 SUV and ID. Buzz MPV, the company is also about to launch a new electric station wagon, ID.7 Tourer, whose prototype spy photos have been revealed.

The ID.7 travel version is essentially a mass production version of the 2019 ID. Space Vizzion concept station wagon and can be seen as a prettier, more electrified version of the Passat travel version. The 2024 Passat is only available in the travel version, and only has an internal combustion engine and a plug-in hybrid system, so the two cars should complement each other rather than cannibalize the market.

The two cars are also somewhat similar in appearance, with a low body and a beautiful tail, but they are completely different in terms of chassis. Passat is based on the latest MQB evo platform and shares the powertrain with the new Touguan, while the ID.7 travel version uses the same MEB electric vehicle platform as the ID.3, ID.4, ID.Buzz, Audi Q4, Skoda Enyaq and other models.

Although there are sure to be more versions to come, Volkswagen has so far confirmed only one powertrain configuration of the ID.7, a single-motor system with a maximum power of 282 hp (210 kW / 286 PS), rear wheel drive, and battery versions of the 77kWh and 86kWh, with a range of 382mph (615km) and 435mph (700km) for the WLTP, respectively.

The mileage of the ID.7 travel version will not be so good because the body of the station wagon will be slightly heavier and the aerodynamics will be slightly worse, but the latter will not be much worse. Volkswagen says the wind resistance coefficient of the car is 0.23 and the travel version is 0.24.

However, in terms of baggage space, the travel version has made a comeback. Volkswagen has confirmed that the travel version has 545 litres of trunk space when the rear seats are upright, 1714 litres when the rear seats are down, and 532 litres and 1586 litres for sedans.

However, the ID.7 travel version still cannot compete with the fuel Passat travel version in terms of carrying capacity, which can reach 1920 litres in the trunk after the rear seat is put down.

The ID.7 station wagon is expected to cost thousands of euros more than the ID.7 sedan, and its starting price in Germany may be close to 60, 000 euros ( Note: currently about 464000 yuan). By contrast, the entry-level Passat station wagon costs only 44000 euros, and even the top R-Line diesel version costs only 53000 euros.

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