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Sony PS Plus welcomes a discount, with a 30% discount for second and third annual payment members before December 17

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Shulou( Report-- December 12 news, Sony SIE announced on the official blog today that the PSN store is currently carrying out "Season of Play" activities, interested partners can click here to jump to the Hong Kong service activity link.

Before December 17, there is a 30% discount for the purchase of PS Plus 2 and 3 annual payment members, and no discount for 1 year paid members and full-stall monthly / quarterly members.

The annual discount price for members of No.2 (PlayStation Plus upgrade) is HK $493.5 (currently about RMB454) and the original price is HK $705 (currently about RMB649).

The annual discount price for the third class (PlayStation Plus Advanced) is 574 Hong Kong dollars (currently about 528 yuan), and the original price is 820 Hong Kong dollars (currently about 754 yuan).

▲ source Sony PlayStation Plus store learned that players who already have members are not allowed to participate in this discount, and there are no restrictions for players who have previously subscribed to the membership service. In addition, relevant players can also get free PSN personal styling and PlayStation Stars challenges in this event.

In addition, the PSN store is currently offering "year-end discounts", officially claiming that some games are as low as 75% discount, which ends on December 20:

"Soul of Falklands: director's edited version" (PS5 version) HK $238.56 (currently about RMB219)

"Ricky and Tinker Bell: time and Space Jump" HK $238.56 (currently about RMB219)

"EA SPORTS FC 24" Standard Edition HK $274.5 (currently about RMB252)

The deluxe version of "Heritage of Hogwarts" is HK $376.8 (currently about RMB 346)

"Octagonal Traveler 2" HK $335.3 (currently about RMB308)

"GTA 5" Deluxe Edition HK $157.9 (currently about RMB145)

The standard version of "Wild Dart: redemption 2" is HK $154.44 (currently about RMB142)

"Diablo 2: remaking" 102.63 Hong Kong dollars (currently about 94 yuan)

"Renwang 2" HK $154 (currently about RMB 141)

"Ramie Adventure" HK $196.56 (currently about RMB180)

"team Sonic Racing" 98.4 Hong Kong dollars (currently about 90 yuan)

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