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The national final of 2023CITC NetEase Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the Symposium on Ecological Partnership of Yixuangchuang came to a successful conclusion.

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Shulou( Report--

On December 8, the national final of 2023CITC NetEase Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and NetEase's Symposium on Co-creation and Co-creation of Ecological Partners was held in NetEase Hangzhou Park.

At the site of NetEase Digital Innovation Ecological Partnership Co-creation Seminar, NetEase discussed future cooperation opportunities with a number of ecological partners, and will carry out deeper cooperation and exchanges in the fields of innovative education, cultural business, travel, digitization, and so on. Work with various partners to promote the development of digital economy industry. On the same day, the national finals of the 2023CITC NetEase Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition began with a grand start, and all the top 12 outstanding high-quality entrepreneurial projects in more than 10 sub-regions of the country gathered together. Finally, the champion and second runner-up was successfully decided, and the project of time and Space beat (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. won the championship honor.

Join hands with ecological partners to build industrial value

Zhang Bo, general manager of industry digital business of NetEase Hangzhou Research Institute, delivered a speech at the ecological partnership seminar, saying: "Ecological partnership is a very important part of NetEase's business. We all develop together for mutual benefit. The supporting foundation of the common development of NetEase Digital Innovation and ecological partners is the core market of NetEase Digital Innovation Industry Carrier and the corresponding industrial operator resources. In the future, we will continue to move more steadily towards the expectable future through focused and pragmatic actions. "

This seminar invited a number of ecological partners, industrial operator partners and related business cooperation enterprises created by NetEase, focusing on the three future layout directions of innovative education, cultural business travel and digitalization. in the fields of empowering the training of innovative cross-border comprehensive talents, the integration and innovation practice of science and technology, culture, tourism and commerce, and digital technology to promote the high-quality development of enterprises and regional economy. The guests of the participating enterprises had a professional sharing and in-depth discussion.

At the seminar site, Li Zhentao, an expert on NetEase's products solutions, shared the theme of "New Paradigm of Digital Asset production" and exchanged solutions in the field of software cooperation in Mathematical Intelligence Productivity.

In the field of educational innovation, Gong Xiaonan, general manager of vocational education, shared the new developments in the vocational education industry and how to maximize the use of vocational education to achieve local integration of industry and talents.

In the direction of Wen Business Travel and Metasmology, Chen Yuting, director of cultural planning of Orange wish, introduced the application of immersive innovation and integration of Wen Business Travel; Shao Yong, General Manager of Innovation Division of Xuhang Group, analyzed the integration of urban digital marketing and agricultural business travel university from the perspectives of urban and rural areas; CEO Wenyi, founder of Fangtang Planet, explained in detail how the digital virtual space reshaped the new business model.

In the digital special module, Huang Danfeng, president of Pingheng Technology, introduced the case of digital collection to help production create growth and the possibility in the future; Cui Shaojun, general manager of Weijie Technology, explained in detail the innovative application of digital twin-assisted digital scene fusion; Zhang Haiyang, product director of Yixinzheng Enterprise Department, analyzed the efficiency improvement and security of digital collaborative office solutions from the perspective of government and enterprises. Wu Hanghang, product director of Yixinzheng Enterprise Department, shared the wisdom of digital endowment for the aged from the perspective of physical intelligence.

2023CITC NetEase Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition ends successfully

At the scene of the 2023CITC national finals, the top 12 enterprise projects staged a peak showdown. Through the roadshow, judges' defense, judges' scores, mentors' comments and other links, the winning entrepreneurial project finally stood out. The Spatio-temporal beat (Hangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd. won the championship, and it was a pleasure to win the runner-up in the project of Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Xinxiang Infinite Technology Co., Ltd. won the third place in the project.

CITC NetEase Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was launched in 2017 and hosted by NetEase. It has been successfully held for 6 times in a row. The competition is designed for entrepreneurs and is one of the largest, most mature and highest-standard competitions in the field of "cross-border scientific and technological innovation". It has also become an annual event in the field of China's science and technology entrepreneurship competition. Over the past six years, NetEase has jointly participated in the national 30 + city sub-competition area, holding more than 100 events and attracting more than 5000 + projects.

NetEase takes this exchange as an opportunity to establish normal relations and long-term cooperation with ecological partners to further give full play to the concept of sharing the network value of the digital economy industry. Through NetEase's creation of industrial service value network, regional policies, industrial chain enterprises, ecological partners, and NetEase's superior resources are connected and shared, and together with various partners, data elements are gathered to create a digital ecosystem to promote the high-quality development of the digital economy.

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