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Smartwatch double 12 is a hot-selling Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series worth considering

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In the twinkling of an eye, double 12 officially kicked off, and a number of good things with great value have ushered in a good time to start. As the "tail" of the year-end discount period, once you miss this period, it will be difficult to buy products (such as smartwatches) that usually have few discounted prices. If you don't want to miss this opportunity, consider the Samsung Mall's December 12 event, in which the best-selling Samsung Galaxy Watch6 smartwatches are highly recommended, and you mustn't miss the demand for smartwatches.

Fashion trend design, intimate and convenient travel.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 collection includes the Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic, both of which feature a circular dial design similar to that of a traditional watch and provide an immersive and stylish diverse experience with a larger screen and a narrow frame. According to different use scenarios and user needs, Samsung Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic have different styles of product styling, and set watch bodies of different sizes for different people's wrists, with different colors, different material styles of straps and rich and diverse dial, bringing a unique personalized wearing experience.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 has two sizes, 40mm and 44mm, with a comfortable design combined with a slim and stylish shape, with three colors: cloud Shadow Grey, Star White (40mm only) and Galactic Silver (44mm only). Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic has two sizes of 43mm and 47mm, inheriting the iconic design of the classic diving watch, equipped with a physical rotating bezel and a stainless steel case, specially created for users who pursue meaningful and exquisite traditional watch design, and has two classic colors of Universe Black and Galactic Silver, adding shrewd temperament to users.

In daily use, the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series can be seamlessly linked with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. For example, applications such as the media controller and camera controller of the watch can control the music player on the phone and take pictures remotely through the smartwatch, while the find phone function can help in the awkward situation of "can't find the phone". In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series also supports third-party applications such as Bao, QQ and QQ Music, as well as a wider range of applications support through the Samsung App Store built in the watch to download special applications and dial.

Exercise sleep tracking of multiple health experiences

In terms of health, Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series is equipped with Samsung BioActive body vitality sensor, which supports the measurement of a number of key health indicators. It can not only monitor the blood oxygen, heart rate and blood pressure in real time, but also analyze the body composition index and detect the body state data such as skeletal muscle, fat, body fat, body mass index and body moisture, so as to provide health reference for users.

When exercising, Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series supports intelligent tracking of more than 100 exercise programs, and carries innovative functions such as personalized heart rate range, custom training and playground running, helping users to create personalized exercise plans that are more suitable for them. Personalized heart rate range supports the use of watches to analyze users' physical fitness and set appropriate fitness goals during exercise, which can not only choose the most suitable exercise rhythm, but also maximize the efficiency of fat burning and high-intensity training. The custom training function allows users to set up and track personalized training programs, so users can flexibly customize their fitness progress by combining different kinds of cross-training.

During sleep, the Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series supports in-depth sleep analysis and sleep factor scoring, providing personalized sleep reports as well as effective sleep guidance and life advice. Users can check the overall sleep time, sleep cycle, awake time, physical and mental recovery and other data in time through the watch, so as to understand the sleep quality every night in detail; or judge the consistency of their sleep from the time they fall asleep and the time they get up, and optimize their sleep habits according to the animal symbols that represent the type of sleep to ensure that they are more energetic during the day.

Thus it can be seen that Samsung Galaxy Watch6 series can not only show trendy personality and taste of life, but also provide convenience for daily use, and has outstanding functions in sports and health convenience, so it is an excellent choice for double 12 smartwatches.

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