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Quality and attitude Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice series products create a new way of high-end life

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Nowadays, intelligent and set-up household appliances have gradually become a necessary choice for people to decorate and buy household products. They should not only conform to the style and characteristics of the whole home, but also improve the quality of life with actual performance and make home life more comfortable and comfortable. Samsung continues to gain insight into the living habits and practical needs of today's consumers. With BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice products, Samsung continues to enhance users' diet, environment and health care experience, making a high quality of life within reach.

BESPOKE colorful Platinum Lattice refrigerator: building a New Ecology of healthy Diet

Refrigerator as an indispensable important role in the kitchen, through refrigeration, freezing, preservation and other functions to bring people's high quality of life full of sense of security. The intelligent frequency conversion compressor equipped with Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice refrigerator has a multi-stage frequency conversion design, which brings strong power effect, keeps the refrigeration ready, and can easily adjust the output power of the compressor to meet a variety of refrigeration needs. The frost-free moisturizing three-cycle technology of the cross-door refrigerator can realize independent circulation, protect the freshness of food materials, improve the balance of temperature and cooling speed, and reduce the trouble of food taste.

At present, the design aesthetics of high-end household appliances is becoming more and more important to the household style. in addition to the function, consumers also pay attention to the artistic expression of the appearance of household appliances. Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice refrigerator with bright glass and metal panel design, can reflect the soft luster from different angles, so that different materials collide with a unique sense of beauty, while supporting halo powder, halo white, navy blue, Jiaoyue white and other color choices, add artistic beauty to the kitchen space.

BESPOKE colorful Platinum Lattice vacuum Cleaner: to create a healthy and comfortable home

The cleanliness and tidiness of the home environment is an important foundation of quality life. When the fast-paced life continues to squeeze the spare time of contemporary people, vacuum cleaners, as a "household cleaning artifact", have gradually become standard for families. Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice vacuum cleaner equipped with Samsung intelligent digital frequency conversion motor brings a strong suction of up to 210W, and the high-speed cyclone separator at the top of the fuselage can also effectively reduce suction loss, eliminating the need for multiple vacuuming in the same area and easily completing the vacuuming work. The five-fold filtration system can intercept 99.999% of dust particles, release clean air, avoid physical injury caused by micro-dust leakage, and protect respiratory health.

The service life of vacuum cleaners is an important factor to test the efficiency and effectiveness of household cleaning. excellent battery capacity and life can make it easier for the whole house to clean thoroughly at one time. Samsung BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice vacuum cleaner is equipped with large capacity lithium battery and efficient energy-saving motor, which supports users' cleaning work for about an hour, maintains about 70% of the original performance after 500 recharges, achieves a longer service life of the vacuum cleaner, and practices the concept of sustainable development.

BESPOKE colorful Platinum Lattice washer / dryer: leading the new trend of clothes washing and drying

With the improvement of the quality of life, users have more stringent and fine requirements for clothes washing and drying. Professional, efficient, green, low-carbon, scientific and healthy washing and care methods are more in line with modern people's vision of an ideal life. The new BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice series AI ™washing machine contains AI bubble cleaning technology ™, which can identify the type of fabric being washed, so that the care of fabric, color and texture can be further upgraded. AI intelligent washing function can carry out five senses of weight, water level, fabric, turbidity and detergent, so that clothes can be thoroughly cleaned while taking care of clothing fabrics, saving detergents and water, and minimizing resource consumption.

The new BESPOKE colorful Platinum Lattice Series AI ™clothes dryer is equipped with AI drying function, which can sense the temperature and humidity of clothing through sensors, intelligently control and optimize the performance of compressors and heat exchangers to ensure that the program is run at the best temperature while adjusting the appropriate drying time to achieve faster and finer drying effect and minimize damage to clothing.

With the development of economy and the upgrading of consumption structure, more and more consumers begin to pursue a more outstanding and avant-garde way of life. In the future, Samsung will continue to refine the external design and technology core of BESPOKE colorful platinum lattice products, and create a new way of high-end life with both internal and external repair and more high-quality household appliances, so as to further improve the quality of modern life.

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