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The first batch of internal tests of Honor MagicOS 8.0 was announced, with a total of 6000 people.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the clue delivery of CC! reported on December 12 that Glory MagicOS 8.0 started internal test recruitment from November 28 to December 14. The first batch of participating models included Magic 5 series and Magic 4 series, each series of products recruited 3000 users.

A few days ago, Honor announced the list of selected users for the internal tests of Magic4 and Magic5 series, and the first batch of unselected users (the registration status shows "under review") will gradually add the internal test version of MagicOS 8.0.

Magic5 series is on the list.

Magic4 series is on the list. noted that the internal test version is still in development, and there may be some problems and poor experience in system stability. At present, some three-party applications are not compatible with Android 14, such as "auspicious Life Merchant version", "Sichuan Bank Direct selling Bank" and so on.

Within two days after the upgrade, the background of the system will carry out a series of adaptive optimization actions, which may lead to the phenomenon of heating, stuttering and fast power consumption of the mobile phone. It is recommended that users restart the phone after upgrading and charging the screen for 2 hours, or resume after normal use for a period of time.

Please make sure that the phone has more than 10GB internal storage space, otherwise there is a risk of upgrade failure. (view storage space method: settings-> Storage).

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