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Figma launches "Colorful Macro Pad" macro programming keyboard: 12 custom keys for $139,

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Shulou( Report--, 12 / 12 / PRNewswire-FirstCall-Asianet /-- Figma, a design software company, has launched a "Figma Creator Micro" macro programming keyboard for $139 ( Note: currently about 998 yuan).

▲ source Figma official website this keyboard has a total of 12 buttons and 2 knobs, has its own RGB lights, and supports Windows / macOS platform. Users can bind this peripheral with Figma software functions for quick operation., the official website of ▲ source Figma, noted that the keyboard is somewhat similar to Microsoft's Surface Dial at the functional level, but also provides a "physical peripherals" for tools within the software, which can improve the efficiency of user creation to some extent.

In addition, officials have launched a series of keycaps for the keyboard, including a series of Figma tool icons that users can simply replace for easy to specify functions and intuitive operation.

▲ source Figma official website

▲ source Figma official website

▲ source Figma official website

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