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GM talks about abandoning CarPlay and Android Auto: easy to distract drivers

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Shulou( Report--, December 13, General Motors announced in March this year that starting from the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer, support for Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto will be phased out in subsequent models and will instead work with Google to develop a customized car system based on Android Automotive.

Tim Tim Babbitt, GM's head of infotainment products, recently gave MotorTrend an interview with other insights about abandoning CarPlay and Android Auto.

Babbitt said that GM has always put consumer safety first, and that CarPlay and Android Auto may have problems such as poor connection, slow response time, compatibility problems and connection problems, causing drivers to be distracted by smartphone troubleshooting.

Babbitt says the built-in car system reduces reliance on services such as CarPlay, making drivers less likely to pick up their phones while driving, thereby improving road safety. note: Babbitt did not provide the relevant theoretical basis in the interview, nor did he carry out the corresponding test.

Babbitt cited J.D. Power data showing that drivers often vent their anger on car companies rather than Apple and Google if they encounter problems with CarPlay and Android Auto.

GM's planned infotainment system will integrate Google applications, including Google Maps and Google Assistant for voice commands.

As MotorTrend points out, canceling CarPlay will give GM better control over driver data and allow GM to offer subscription services and applications that allow purchases of food, gasoline and other sundries.

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