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Shipments account for 45%, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra mobile phone camera supplier information exposed

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Thank netizens soft media Xinyou 1933769 for the clue delivery!, December 13, according to South Korean media The Elec, Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra models account for 45% of shipments in the S24 series.

Samsung estimates that Galaxy S24 series shipments will reach 35.2 million units by the end of next year, of which S24 models are estimated to ship 13.5 million units, accounting for 38% of S24 S24 + shipments of 5.8 million units, accounting for 16%, while S24 Ultra shipments of 15.9 million units, accounting for 45%.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra features a 200 megapixel camera, a 1200 megapixel ultra wide angle lens, a 1000 megapixel 10x telephoto lens and a 5000 megapixel 5x telephoto lens. These sensors are supplied by Samsung Electric (Samsung Electro-Mechanics) and Shunyu Optics.

The 4 camera suppliers attached to are as follows:

200 megapixel camera: provided by Samsung Electronics (Vietnam parts Center) and Samsung Motor

1200 megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens: provided by Shunyu Optics and Namuga

1000 megapixel 10x telephoto lens: provided by Samsung Motor and Shunyu Optics

5000 megapixel 5x telephoto lens: provided by Samsung Motor and Shunyu Optics

1200 megapixel front camera: provided by Namuga and MCNEX.

Among the Galaxy S24 Ultra camera modules, Samsung Motor and Shunyu account for the highest proportion of optics.

The availability of Samsung Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24 + cameras is as follows:

5000 megapixel camera: provided by Samsung Motor and Patron

1200 megapixel wide angle: provided by Cammsys and PowerLogics

1000 megapixel telephoto: provided by PowerLogics and Samsung Motor

Front camera: provided by Cammsys and PowerLogics.

According to the revelations, Samsung Motor supplies seven camera modules, followed by Power Logics with six camera modules, Cammsys with four camera modules, Sunny Optical with three camera modules, Patron with two camera modules and MCNEX with one camera module.

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