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VMware cloud service completely cancels permanent license and changes to subscription system

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Thanks to netizen Kangnakamuyi for the clue delivery!, December 13, VMware has been working for the past two years to simplify its product portfolio and move from a permanent model to a subscription model. After being acquired by Broadcom, VMware recently announced that it had reached a new milestone:

The portfolio has been greatly simplified and the transition from all VMware by Broadcom solutions to subscription licenses has been completed, with permanent license sales, support for permanent products and subscription (SnS) renewal, and mixed purchase Program / subscription purchase Program (HPP / SPP) credits stopped starting on December 11. In addition, VMware has introduced its own subscription license option to provide license portability for VMware-validated hybrid cloud endpoints running VMware Cloud Foundation.

Officials also announced specific changes to the product portfolio of the VMware Cloud Foundation department. Looking ahead, the department will provide two main services:

VMware Cloud Foundation is the flagship enterprise-class hybrid cloud solution that helps customers run their critical business and modern applications in a secure, resilient, and cost-effective manner. In order to benefit more customers from the solution, officials halved the previous subscription price and increased the support service level, including enhanced support for activation solutions and lifecycle management.

The new VMware vSphere Foundation provides a more simplified enterprise-class workload platform for small and medium-sized customers. The solution integrates vSphere with Intelligent Operations Management.

Both VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware vSphere Foundation will offer optional premium add-ons, and other advanced services and products (including private AI) will be available soon.

VMware said that it has been more than a year since the transition to the subscription model, and from December 11, when the permanent license and support and subscription (SnS) renewal are completed, the product will be available only in the form of subscription or periodic license. Users who already have a permanent license can continue to be licensed and supported. includes a list of products affected by the new strategy:

VMware Cloud Foundation

VMware vSphere

VMware vSAN

VMware NSX

VMware HCX

VMware Site Recovery Manager

VMware vCloud Suite

VMware Aria Suite

VMware Aria Universal

VMware Aria Automation

VMware Aria Operations

VMware Aria Operations for Logs

VMware Aria Operations for Networks

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