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157,000 light-years from Earth, the Hubble Space Telescope captured a new NGC 2210 image

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Shulou( Report--, December 13, NASA released a blog post on December 8, sharing new images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

The subject of this image is a dense globular cluster of NGC 2210, located in the large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), about 157, 000 light-years from Earth, about 11.6 billion years old. Note: the large Magellanic Galaxy is the satellite galaxy in the Milky way, with a distance of about 50000 seconds (~ 160,000 light-years), a diameter of about one stroke 20 of the Milky way, and a star count of about one stroke 10 (about 10 billion stars).

Globular clusters are very stable, and they are made up of thousands or even millions of tightly bound stars. The stability of globular clusters means that they can last for a long time, so they are often used to study potential ancient star clusters.

Researchers took a closer look at NGC 2210 in 2017 and analyzed the data that the globular cluster is about 11.6 billion years old, billions of years younger than the universe itself (13.8 billion years).

NASA said:

In addition to helping astronomers explore the mysteries of the universe, this ancient but relatively young cluster of stars is highly concentrated and looks very beautiful as a whole. From the point of view of the inhabitants of the planets, the night sky looks very different. The planets revolve around a star at the center of the globular cluster, and the sky seems to be full of stars.

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