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Guo Mingyi: Nvidia AI server shipments will increase by 150% next year, and Shengyi Technology ultra-low consumption CCL has passed the verification.

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Shulou( Report-- December 13 news, Tianfeng Securities analyst Guo Mingyi today released a market research briefing, estimated that Nvidia AI server shipments next year will increase by 150% compared with the same period last year.

Attached to is Guo Mingyi's analysis report as follows:

The latest supply chain survey shows that Shengyi Technology's ultra-low loss (ultra low loss / extreme low loss) CCL (Synamic9GN) has been verified by Nvidia. It is expected that Sengyi Technology will start mass production of CCL for Nvidia AI server motherboard, OAM (accelerator module) and UBB (universal substrate) as soon as 2Q24, which significantly contributes revenue and profits to the company.

At present, the CCL materials of Nvidia AI server are Optoelectronics EM892K and Dooshan DS-7409D, which are ultra-low consumption materials with high gross profit margin.

Nvidia AI server shipments are expected to grow by 150% YoY or more by 2024, and ultra-low-loss CCL is currently in a tight supply situation. In addition to high-end regular servers and PC / notebook computers, AI PC will also need to upgrade CCL to ultra-low consumption in the future.

The CCL usage of the AI server is about 8 times that of the general server. Nvidia AI server expects CCL usage to increase further after 2H24 is upgraded to B100 scheme.

Taiguang benefited from shipments of CCL materials from AI servers, with gross margins rising to 27.5% (21.4% of vs. 1Q23) since 2Q23 and a record high of 30.2% in 3Q23, resulting in a share price increase of about 200%.

Judging from Taiwan Optoelectronics's gross profit margin and stock price performance, under the tight supply of ultra-low consumption CCL, it is expected that CCL shipments for AI servers are expected to significantly contribute to the revenue, profit and stock price performance of Shengyi Technology.

Taiwan Optoelectronics and Dooshan are currently qualified CCL suppliers of Nvidia AI servers, with a supply proportion of about 90-95% and 5-10%, respectively. It is expected that the supply proportion of Taiwan Optoelectronics, Doushan and Shengyi Technology in 2024 will be 60-65%, 20-25% and 10-15%, respectively.

From the perspective of technical capability, if Shengyi Technology can meet the requirements of Nvidia, it can also meet the requirements of AMD and Intel. Therefore, it can be expected that Shengyi Technology will also have the opportunity to become an AI server supplier of AMD and Intel in the future. Considering that AI server shipments continue to grow rapidly and Shengyi Technology is a new supplier, revenue and profits are expected to benefit significantly in the next few years.

The relevant introduction of Shengyi science and technology is as follows:

Shengyi Technology, founded in 1985, is a global core supplier of electronic circuit substrates integrating R & D, production, sales and service.

Shengyi Technology has always been based on high standards, high quality, high performance, high reliability, independent production of copper clad laminate, semi-cured sheet, insulating laminate, metal-based copper-clad laminate, resin-coated copper foil, film and other high-end electronic materials. The products are mainly used for the production of single-sided and double-sided circuit boards and high multi-layer circuit boards, which are widely used in household appliances, mobile phones, cars, computers and various medium-and high-grade electronic products.

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