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Sensor Tower:11 Yuemihayou "Yuanshen" reached the top of the income growth list, while Tencent's "PUBG Mobile" continued to top the download list.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Misaka Hatsukoto for the clue delivery! December 13 news, Sensor Tower today announced November 2023 China mobile game products in overseas market revenue growth list and download list, collated relevant data information as follows:

In terms of growth list, Miha Tour "Original God" topped the list, Eagle Horn Network/Youxing Network/Heart Network "Ark of Tomorrow" ranked second, Youxing Network "Sparrow Soul" ranked third.

▲ Source Sensor learned that Miha Tour's overseas revenue increased by 41% month-on-month in November, and the revenue in Japan, the largest overseas market, increased by 74%. On November 8, this game launched 4.2 brand-new version of "Sinners Dance Rotation," launched new characters, maps, activities and props, etc., which contributed to the rapid rise of the game's daily flow and reached the top of the mobile game revenue growth list.

In addition, Sensor Tower claims that Netease racing mobile game "Peak Speed" has won the love of Chinese Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao players with high-quality pseudo-real image quality. Since its launch in October, it has frequently topped the best-selling list of iPhone mobile games in China Taiwan. In November, overseas revenue rose nearly 170% month-on-month, ranking fifth in the growth list, becoming the largest mobile game in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao market this month.

In terms of download list,"PUBG Mobile" download volume continued October performance, winning the title of this issue of mobile game download list.

▲ Source Sensor TowerMagic Tavern Women's fashion theme elimination mobile game "Project Makeover" this month downloads increased by 24% month-on-month, jumping to the third place in the download list.

Netease launched a tactical competitive new tour "Blood Strike" in September and October six consecutive Latin American and Southeast Asian markets, November overseas downloads rose 90% month-on-month, the first time shortlisted download list 10.

A new mixed-casual placement RPG game from Sims Puzzle Games, Camera Clash: Monster Blade, has grown significantly in downloads in Southeast Asia, ranking 11th on the download list for the first time.

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