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Linzhuo multi-platform software installation package construction system V1.0 is released, which runs on Win and Linux platforms at the same time.

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Shulou( Report--, December 13, in order to solve the problems of traditional software packaging, tedious installation process, and serious platform differences in Windows and Linux systems, Beijing Linzhuo announced the launch of a "multi-platform software installation package construction system", which provides "one-stop build, install" functions.

According to reports, the multi-platform software installation package construction system is a system that uses a unified interactive interface and configuration mechanism to generate multi-platform software installation packages, which supports multi-level modular packaging and installation of target software on Windows and Linux platforms, and mainly has the following advantages:

Convenient software installation: simplify the tedious operations of decompressing, copying and configuring the environment in the traditional software installation process.

Unified human-computer interaction: there is a unified human-computer interaction on different operating system platforms, which is convenient for users to carry out multi-platform packaging.

The function is easy to operate: it has rich functions such as multi-level optional control, installation information configuration, custom installation script, environment configuration and so on, while ensuring that the software operation is simple, easy to learn and use.

The multi-platform software installation package build system claims to cover the entire lifecycle of software packaging, installation, and uninstallation, and the main functions are as follows:

Multi-platform operation: multi-platform software installation package construction system and its production of software installation packages are supported to run on Windows and Linux platforms.

Structured optional installation: support the resource configuration and optional installation of the target software in the form of "multi-module + multi-component". At the same time, it cooperates with module icon and picture, module installation path, multi-level components and other configurations to meet the diversified installation of installation package users.

Flexible configuration of target software functions: provides a centralized interactive configuration approach for related functions such as self-boot, administrator operation and shortcut creation of the target software.

Library dependency analysis, encapsulation, installation: support dependency analysis for dynamic executable files in Linux operating system, and provide encapsulation and installation functions for the dependency collection obtained from the analysis.

Installation and construction parameter configuration: support the basic information configuration of the target software and the corresponding installation package, including: name, version number, publisher, URL, feature description, default installation path, installation package name, etc.

Installation interface customization: provides a variety of custom theme styles to support users to customize the software icon and installation background.

Installation target computer system changes: users can meet the installation target computer environment variables, registry configuration and custom installation operations through the configuration of environment variables, registry and installation scripts. with download link:

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