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The "GTA6" trailer corresponds to the real character "Florida Joker" who dyed his hair purple and claimed $3 million from R Star for "extra money".

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Shulou( Report--, December 13 (Xinhua) some time ago, a tattooed "clown" character appeared in the trailer for R Star's new "GTA 6". This character has a real-life counterpart, Lawrence Lawrence Sullivan, or "Florida Joker." has previously reported that Lawrence Sullivan claimed that R Star used a character based on his image in "GTA6" and violated the portrait right, claiming $2 million ( Note: currently about 14.36 million yuan).

Now Lawrence Sullivan has updated his TikTok, dyed his hair purple and looks more like a character in the "GTA6" trailer.

▲ image source Lawrence Sullivan released TikTok

Lawrence Sullivan, a related character in the ▲ "GTA6" trailer, also increased the price of R Star by $1 million (currently about 7.18 million yuan), claiming that he was doing free publicity for "GTA6" and that if R Star did not provide $3 million (currently about 21.54 million yuan) in compensation within three days and could not find another person similar to the trailer in Florida, he would sue R Star.

However, it is widely believed that even if Florida Joker sues R Star, it will not actually win. In 2013, Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan filed a lawsuit against Take-Two, claiming that the latter used her portrait to make the role of "Beach Girl" in "GTA 5" without her authorization, but the court held that R Star did not infringe in 2018. It's just an ironic expression of the style, appearance and character of a modern, young beach girl.

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"the Florida Joker once again shouted R Star: if you use my appearance, you will have to pay me $2 million."

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