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FlyCart 30, the first freight UAV in Xinjiang, has been approved by US FAA regulatory authorities and is expected to launch in the relevant market in the near future.

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According to on December 13, DJI launched its first civilian delivery UAV, DJI FlyCart 30, in August this year. The UAV uses a 4-axis, 8-propeller, multi-rotor configuration, with a maximum load of 30 kg and a maximum range of 16 km in dual-electric mode. The domestic price is 125000 yuan.

▲ Touyuan DJI official website according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website data, the UAV has received a "Remote ID" compliance statement in the United States and is expected to launch in the relevant market in the near future. Note: Remote ID (long-range ID) is similar to the ADS-B system widely used in the civil aviation industry, and the FAA compares it to the "license plate" of drones, which must have relevant "license plates" in the United States before they can be put into operation.

It is reported that the Dajiang FlyCart 30 UAV focuses on "heavy load, long voyage" and claims to have "super environmental adaptability and can adapt to all-weather, wide temperature range and cross-altitude operation scenarios". The UAV has two load modes of carton and empty crane, which supports quick disassembly and automatic weighing, and empty crane supports intelligent anti-pendulum and emergency fuse, which is claimed to bring users "flexible, stable and reliable" use choices.

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