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Google, Meta, Qualcomm, Glory, Lenovo and other companies have announced that they will join hands to promote an open digital ecosystem.

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Shulou( Report-- December 13 news, Google, Meta, Qualcomm, Glory, Lenovo, Motorola, Nothing, Opera, France Lynx, Germany Wire ten technology companies announced that they will jointly promote an open digital ecosystem, in response to the European Union "Digital Market Act."

The group, which calls itself the Open Digital Ecosystem Alliance (CODE), is committed to "encouraging Europe to adopt more open platforms and systems to foster growth and innovation in Europe." The consortium says it wants to be able to open up digital ecosystems through cross-industry collaboration and promote seamless connectivity and interoperability ( note: the EU requires "monopoly" apps to interconnect with competitors 'apps).

The group said it would work with academics, policymakers and companies to study digital openness and propose ways to achieve it in Europe using the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and future EU legislation.

CODE was no doubt created as a response to new regulations such as the European Union's Digital Markets Act, which forces tech giants to (The European Union calls it a "gatekeeper") to open up services and platforms to other companies and developers, such as Apple's App Store, FaceTime and Siri, for example, Apple will need to provide users with a way to install third-party app stores or side-loading apps next year, allow developers to promote their products outside the app store, and open up access to third-party payment systems.

"Over the past few months, we have had many discussions about the map of the European digital ecosystem, what exactly will promote innovation and what will have a positive impact on competitiveness. We believe openness is the key factor,"Lynx founder Stan Larroque said in a statement.

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