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Nintendo Switch game "Bao Ke Meng Zhu / the Secret Treasure of Purple Zero" DLC later "Blue Disc" will be launched tomorrow.

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Shulou( Report-- December 13 news,"Pokémon: Zhu/Purple" DLC "Zero Secret Treasure" final promotional film has been released, the first "Green Mask" has been launched on September 13, the latter "Blue Disc" will be officially launched on December 14 ( Note: According to past experience should be 9:00 a.m.).

In this DLC, the protagonist is selected as one of the members of a summer camp co-organized with other schools every year to go to Beishang Township. There is a huge mountain standing in the north village, people live at the foot of it, there are farmland and apple orchards, etc., and the natural scenery is very different from that of Parthia. Every time this period comes to Beishang Township, celebrations will be held. There are all kinds of stalls, which look quite lively. The protagonist will meet new partners and Pokémon in this place, and solve the legend spread in the north of the village.

As can be seen from the promotional film, players will go to "Blueberry Academy" to exchange for study abroad. This was a mysterious area shrouded by a circular sky. Many familiar Pokémon players would return here, including many Divine Beast Pokémon.

In addition, this game also added a very special flying time trial, players will ride a flying treasure can dream in the air parkour. Finally, players will enter a mysterious crystal mine to find the ultimate secret about Telebagos and the "Treasure of Zero"!

It is worth mentioning that if you want to play the main plot of "The Blue Disc" to the end, you must first clear "Pokémon Red/Purple" and complete the main plot of "The Mask of the Blue Mask".

There will be a variety of fresh experiences in the life of studying abroad in "Blueberry Academy" exchange! And there are four heavenly kings waiting for you to have a hot battle.

Then the stage will move to the area of Parthia. What exactly is "secret treasure of zero"...? And what power does Terabagos contain...? Come and witness the truth of the story!

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