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After CEO, Cruise, GM's self-driving division, fired nine executives, including the chief operating officer.

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Thanks to netizen Wu Fei brother's left hand clue delivery! Cruise, GM's autonomous driving division, fired nine executives in an ongoing safety investigation, the company confirmed, including chief operating officer (COO) Gil West.

Cruise said it was "committed to full transparency and focused on rebuilding trust and operating at the highest standards of security, integrity and accountability," according to relevant transcripts obtained by Reuters."Therefore, it believes that new leadership is needed to achieve these goals."

The safety investigation was linked to an October traffic accident in which a woman was struck and dragged by a Cruise self-driving car in San Francisco.

California's auto regulator announced on Oct. 25 that Cruise's self-driving cars pose an "unreasonable risk" to public safety and initiated a recall of 950 vehicles.

As previously reported, Cruise co-founder and CEO Kyle Vogt announced his resignation on November 20. He wrote on Platform X,"Cruise is just getting started and I believe it has a bright future. Cruise employees are talented, driven and persistent. They are executing solid multi-year roadmaps and exciting product visions. I'm excited to see what Cruise has to offer next! "

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