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Dissatisfied with the name "AI Phone", it is reported that Samsung Lu Taiwen asked Galaxy S24 series models to have a louder name.

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Shulou( Report-- December 14 news, According to South Korean media inews24 report, Samsung Lu Taiwen Galaxy S24 series models, Do not recognize the "AI Phone" name, Has instructed executives and employees to propose a better name, To better explain the definition of future mobile phones.

Lu Taiwen's opposition to "AI Phone" is unclear, but the media speculated that there are two main problems, the first is that it cannot fully describe the relevant technology and user experience, and the second is that the noun and iPhone pronunciation are similar and easy to confuse. reported in November that Samsung has filed trademark applications for names such as AI Phone and AI Smartphone to demonstrate its emphasis on AI.

It is already an indisputable fact that the Galaxy S24 is an AI phone, after news that Samsung plans to focus on artificial intelligence on its next-generation flagship phone, Samsung subsequently confirmed this and announced the launch of Galaxy AI, bringing the end-side AI model to the new Galaxy flagship phone.

According to reports, AI Live Translate Call will soon provide personal translation services for users with the latest Galaxy AI phones. Because it is integrated into the native call function, it can be translated without using a third-party application. Audio and text translations will be displayed on the phone in real time as users make calls.

In addition, since it is a large model running on the mobile phone side, call translation is completely local, and users do not have to worry about privacy issues.

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