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Liu Qingfeng is a guest of "Old Yu gossip", and the AI learning machine opens up a new path for personalized education.

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On the evening of December 12, Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, and Liu Qinfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK, held a conversation in Douyin, ranging from family education and personal growth to entrepreneurial history and scientific and technological innovation. On education issues of public concern, Yu Minhong believes that parents play an exemplary and exemplary role in children's early growth, while Liu Qinfeng believes that education should teach children in accordance with their aptitude, cultivate their interests and cultivate their self-confidence at the same time.

Over the years, iFLYTEK has continued to make efforts in the education section, and launched iFLYTEK AI learning machine products in the face of learning scenes, which has attracted the attention of a large number of families and student groups. Especially after iFLYTEK Spark Cognitive Model was launched this year, the deep integration of iFLYTEK AI learning machine and Spark model ushered in a new era of AI.

One is the humorous founder of New Oriental, and the other is the pragmatic and capable chairman of iFLYTEK. What kind of spark can there be between them? In the program, Liu Qingfeng talked about his views and experiences on family education. He believes that it is very important to cultivate children's interest in learning and self-confidence. At the same time, it is equally important for children to enjoy a happy childhood. Children should be given sufficient time to release their playful nature. The emergence of AI learning machine can better through the way of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, analyze children's homework examination classes, find weak points, and recommend different learning content for each child's learning situation. The way of learning according to clues can not only enhance learning efficiency and reduce unnecessary repetitive learning, but also build up children's self-confidence and spontaneously generate interest in learning.

According to the relevant education big data special project research, according to statistics, 50% of the homework done by children at home is ineffective or inefficient repetitive homework. "the iFLYTEK AI learning machine, which teaches students in accordance with their aptitude through artificial intelligence technology, can not only enhance children's interest in learning, but also make time for five educations to fully enjoy a happy childhood," Liu said.

In the second half of this year, with the blessing of the spark cognitive model, the iFLYTEK AI learning machine has seven "humanoid" functional features based on the big model, which strengthens the personalized and accurate learning ability, and expands children's learning interest and knowledge. For example, based on the Spark science popularization model, the function of the encyclopedia question and answer assistant of the iFLYTEK AI learning machine has been fully upgraded, which can provide interactive questions and answers for age-appropriate users, and sow the seeds of scientific and technological knowledge for teenagers. On the spot, Yu Minhong conducted a dialogue across time and space with Einstein through iFLYTEK AI learning machine, which not only realized the popularization of knowledge, but also made people try to find out and stimulate users' curiosity through heuristic interaction. He also experienced functions such as English AI listening and speaking exercises, and felt the new experience of science and technology products under the blessing of the big model.

At present, the mental health problems of teenagers have also received widespread attention. According to the data disclosed in the 2023 China Mental Health Blue Book, the mental health problems of students have become increasingly prominent and show a trend of young age. the detection rate of depression in senior high school is as high as 40%, and that of junior high school students is also 30%. In particular, students who are about to face the high school entrance examination and college entrance examination generally have the problem of pre-test anxiety.

Liu Qingfeng also talked about the concern and concern about children's mental health in the program. Although the Ministry of Education, the Health Commission, and other departments require full screening of depression in primary and secondary schools, there are a large number of gaps in qualified psychological teachers in urban and rural areas. For this reason, the use of artificial intelligence technology to distinguish and dredge children's depression has become a new way to empower mental education in large models. It is reported that iFLYTEK is cooperating with Diazepam Hospital to achieve multi-dimensional and quantifiable coverage of depression symptom evaluation through massive data and clinical knowledge learning and based on AI multimodal anthropomorphic interactive psychological screening technology. The virtual doctor can carry on the intelligent emotion assessment to the child, and effectively relieve the child's tension and stress.

In the more than two-hour live conversation, Liu Qingfeng used vivid cases and empathy stories to describe how science and technology can empower children's education and promote the growth of physical and mental health. With the blessing of the spark cognitive model, the iFLYTEK AI learning machine has not only reshaped the new form of digital education, but also led the learning machine category into a new era of "humanoid tutoring", continuously helping children teach students in accordance with their aptitude and grow up happily.

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