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Professor Wang Zicai, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, died and developed key technologies for rendezvous and docking of the space station.

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Thanks to netizens for the clue delivery of the holy Buddha!, December 14, Harbin Institute of Technology issued an obituary on December 13. Wang Zicai, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, famous expert in the field of automatic control and system simulation, and Professor Wang Zicai of the School of Astronautics of Harbin Institute of Technology, died at 07:55 on December 13, 2023 in Harbin at the age of 91.

The main contents of the obituary attached to are:

Academician Wang Zicai was born in Liaocheng, Shandong Province on June 23, 1932. He was admitted to Harbin Institute of Technology in 1951 and became the first automatic control major student in China that year. He graduated from the graduate class in 1957 and stayed in Harbin Institute of Technology until now. He was the director of the Simulation Technology Research Center of Harbin Institute of Technology, and made great contributions to the development of control science and engineering in the university. He was elected academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2001.

Academician Wang Zicai has been engaged in the research and teaching of applied science and engineering science and technology for a long time. In the aspect of control theory, he has developed the optimal control theory, and put forward the theoretical method of realizing sub-time optimal control by using state linear combination feedback. In the aspect of electric servo system, a control method of expanding frequency band and adapting to load change is proposed, and many types of high performance electric servo systems for simulation and testing are developed. In the aspect of system simulation technology, the simulation theoretical framework of "model-algorithm-evaluation" is put forward, and a new generation of industrial process simulation system is developed successfully, which promotes the simulation system of our country to enter a new stage of advanced technology and practical engineering. He has served as vice president of China system Simulation Society and director of Heilongjiang system Simulation Society. It has won one second prize and one third prize for national scientific and technological progress, a number of provincial and ministerial science and technology awards and the 60th Anniversary Outstanding contribution Award of China Automation Society.

Under the leadership of Wang Zicai, the Control and Simulation Center of Harbin Institute of Technology has created a number of firsts: China's first high-performance three-axis electric turntable, China's first underwater turntable, China's first six-degree-of-freedom turntable, and China's first nine-degree-of-freedom turntable for rendezvous and docking.

"among the many scientific research projects, the most unforgettable is the technical reliability verification and risk assessment for the first docking of the Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou-8 spacecraft in space. the task was glorious and arduous, and it was under great pressure at that time." Prince Cai said frankly, "two high-speed aircraft docking, the slightest deviation in control may 'pass by'."

After several years of scientific research, the scientific research team led by Wang Zicai broke through many key technologies, such as mechanical structure design, drive and control, measurement and calibration, high-speed real-time communication, and developed a nine-degree-of-freedom motion simulation system. This set of ground simulation equipment used to simulate the rendezvous process verifies the accurate positioning of rendezvous and docking.

In order to ensure that rendezvous and docking is foolproof, before launch, the General Armament Department set up a ground experimental evaluation expert group for rendezvous and docking to assess the technical reliability and risk of rendezvous and docking. The expert group established a scientific evaluation method and made an objective evaluation based on the real data of many years of simulation experiments. The evaluation results show the credibility of the ground simulation and the risk of rendezvous and docking.

01:43 on November 3, 2011, China's self-developed Shenzhou-8 spacecraft successfully joined hands with the Tiangong-1 target aircraft in an orbit 343km above Earth, creating a Chinese miracle and laying a key technical foundation for the construction of China's space station.

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