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Tank 700Hi4-T first limited version of the model interior announced: equipped with Xinghu canopy, known as space-level serenity

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Shulou( Report--, December 14 (Xinhua)-- @ Tank SUV today unveiled the interior of the first limited version of the Tank 700Hi4-T, which claims to be a "new benchmark for luxury cross-country".

The official video shows the overall cockpit design and partial configuration of the new car, which shows that the car has a fuchsia and gray design, and the material will most likely be made of genuine leather. At the same time, officials say the car has a "space class" quiet cockpit.

In terms of functionality, the car supports a "five-screen linkage", but only LCD meters and suspended central screens can be seen from the preview, but the area directly in front of the steering wheel may be used as a HUD look-up display area.

In terms of comfort configuration, the car is equipped with "ultra-wide-angle fiber cloud seat", the front row is also equipped with independent leg support, and the back of the rear seat supports a large angle adjustment of 141 °. At the same time, the car seat headrest is called "wing headrest", which also supports adjustment.

It is worth mentioning that the new car is equipped with the "Skyscreen of Tecapo Star Lake". From the official pictures and the name itself, it is not difficult to speculate that the new car will be equipped with interior lights similar to the "starry ceiling". Before the tank 700Hi4-T, BYD's "millions" luxury hardliners looking up at the U8 were equipped with a similar "starry skylight".

In addition, the car will be equipped with Harman Catton luxury sound system, but the number of speakers and power and other details are still unknown.

According to 's previous report, the regular version and the first limited version of the tank 700Hi4-T have appeared in the announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology this month, of which the limited version is long 5110mm, wide 2122mm, high 1986mm, and wheelbase 3000mm. Both models support 0/750/2500kg towing, engine displacement 2993ml, maximum power 265kW, maximum speed 190km/h.

The tank 700Hi4-T will be pre-sold during this year's Guangzhou auto show, with a pre-price of 700000 yuan. The first batch of 70 tanks will be delivered in February next year. The car will be equipped with a hybrid system composed of 3.0T V6 engine and P2 motor, the power performance is claimed to be equivalent to the V8 engine, and can achieve stable and strong continuous power output in the whole scene. After equipped with P2 motor, the comprehensive power of the car reaches 385kW and the torque is as high as 850N ·m.

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