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Vivo S18 series will be released soon, and it will be the longest in S series.

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The vivo S18 series will be released 19:00 on December 14. As a lightweight flagship phone featuring studio portraits, the vivo S18 is only 7.45mm thick and weighs 185.8g, the vivo S18 series is equipped with 5000mAh ultra-thin blue sea battery to achieve 13.5 hours of full bright screen life, which is also the longest battery life of the vivo S series so far, giving a balance between light and thin feel and long service life. In addition, in the pre-sale and first sale period, the purchase of the machine can also enjoy 4 years of free battery replacement.

In terms of performance, the vivo S18 series also has a full range of upgrades. Vivo S18 carries the third generation Snapdragon 7 platform with running points of more than one million and supports "Arena of Valor" 120Hz high-frame mode. Vivo S18 Pro is equipped with Tianji 9200km with running scores of nearly 1.6 million, reaching the flagship performance experience. At the same time, the vivo S18 series will also be the first batch of AI blue heart model, with its AI strength in the first place in the multi-list model, can bring users a new intelligent interaction.

Vivo S18 series provides 12GB+256GB, 12GB+512GB, 16GB+512GB three memory versions, support memory fusion technology, memory expansion to high 16GB, background to retain 49 applications; storage compression to high 50GB, up to 10000 HD images.

In terms of appearance, the exterior design of vivo S18 series continues the design style of oriental aesthetics, this time vivo draws inspiration from blooming flowers, featuring "flowers like brocade" color matching, the glass back of the fuselage adopts floating carving technology, carving out 1300 million light engraving patterns on the back, simulating the feeling of Chinese embroidery, and the first Yunjin glass process to achieve 4 million three-dimensional drills, re-engraving the design beauty of Oriental Yunjin. Vivo also draws inspiration from Chinese-style windows, using water-overflowing design and diamond trimming technology to create a more beautiful sense of lines.

In terms of images, the vivo S18 series continues the advantages of the S series in shooting people. The vivo S18 series not only upgrades the hardware of the camera and supplementary lights, but also expands the way of shooting.

It is reported that the vivo S18 Pro will be equipped with X100 5000 million Sony bionic camera + 5000 megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor + professional telephoto lens, coupled with VCS bionic technology, can not only further improve the purity of the picture, even for a large group photo.

Vivo S18 integrates studio light and shadow effects into mobile portrait photography, bringing brand-new wisdom to "make up the light". When taking pictures, the vivo S18 series can not only detect the distance of the portrait in real time, but also intelligently adjust the soft light brightness. This "studio portrait" shooting function also makes portrait shooting to a new height.

Overall, the vivo S18 series is excellent in appearance design, long range, portrait shooting and performance experience. With the consistently excellent real machine texture of the vivo S series, let's look forward to the official debut of the vivo S18 series.

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